Daniel Noel

Interview With Daniel Noel, Director of Research at INSERM

Daniele Noel is an internationally recognized Research Director and Professor in Mesenchymal Stem Cell Biology, Rheumatology, and Cartilage Therapy. Her current research explores the role of secretome (extracellular Vesicles & miRNA) in mediating mesenchymal stem cell therapeutic effect in osteoarticular diseases; she is also partner in three European programs.

Early Life and Education

Noel entered this new world with great determination and was soon tested by its harsh surroundings and his duties as a Jesuit missionary. His resolve proved itself over time.

As a youth, he received his initial education in basic humanities at a Chapter school near Saugues in South-Eastern France before enrolling at Toulouse’s college of rhetoric for further studies.

Noel’s research covers topics including Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC), Immunology, Cell Biology and Cartilage. He has extensive experience working in Otolaryngology; having presented at national conferences and written articles regarding Ear Surgery. In his free time he enjoys volunteering and mission work both locally and abroad as well as painting photography reading travel among many other hobbies.

Professional Career

Daniel Noel is a research director at INSERM, leading their group on mesenchymal stem cells and cartilage therapies. Additionally, she is involved in three European projects dealing with mesenchymal stromal cell biology, extracellular vesicles and osteo-articular diseases.

Noel is also an avid collector of White Mountain memorabilia, such as early photographs (including rare glass-plate and stereoscopic images), postcards, hotel ledgers, first edition and other books he has donated his collection to Plymouth State University.

Noel has also enjoyed acting on both stage and screen, with Portland Stage becoming his theater of choice and him becoming its grand old man. Soon he will appear in Joel Strunk’s film “Anatomy of the Tide,” playing a priest involved with child sexual abuse alongside Robbie Amell and Gabriel Basso.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Noel has long been active in his community. He serves as lector at St. Peter and Paul Church in Scott and on the board of Hebron High School; additionally, he volunteers at Church Point Food Bank and other local charities. Olivia Rose Noel attends Moravian College where she engages in stage and film acting, drill team participation and student leadership activities while participating in Alpha Sigma Tau sorority activities.

Personal Life

Noel hails from a small Wisconsin town where his father worked in firefighting, making him uniquely qualified to portray Ernie Donahue in this Maine production. Noel sees playing Ernie as his Willy Loman moment; an opportunity to personalize an iconic character who represents family bonding and loss.

At one point in his journey to Broadway, he suffered missed opportunities and life-altering events that nearly derailed him; these included flirting with Broadway, turning down a national tour of “Les Miserables,” losing belongings in an apartment flood and suffering a heart attack while performing in Colorado Springs.

She’s also a visual artist, best-selling author and Oracle creator. Her intuitive work began at an early age when her sensitivity to energy and spirit inspired her to study different spiritual philosophies and healing arts practices.

Net Worth

He has amassed an impressive fortune through acting and singing careers, owning an extravagant house in London while leading an enjoyable life.

Noel has made appearances in several movies and television shows, as well as written, directing, producing a number of films of his own.

He enjoys an enormous fan base on social media and generates significant income through them. He is sponsored by popular brands such as Bang Energy, Fashion Nova, Juicy Couture and Lisa B Jewelry; these sponsorships allow him to deliver outstanding performances across his roles – an inspiration to aspiring actors everywhere! He has received several awards and nominations for his work; making him an incredible performer who never disappoints his followers.

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