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Daniel Olguin, Jose Ralph Marquez, and Yolanda Marie Trivizo Convicted of Strangling Eric Moreno

Daniel Olguin, Jose Ralph Marquez and Yolanda Marie Trivizo have been found guilty by a jury of first degree felony murder (Penal Code Section 187.1(a), torture (SS 206), and false imprisonment by violence.

Martin testified that when he entered the garage, he saw Rounsville bound with his arms around the window of a race car and his head against its seat. Additionally, Marquez displayed on a cell phone video Olguin and himself defeating Rounsville like it were a trophy in front of him and displayed this footage proudly like they would any trophy winner.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Olguin was found guilty by a jury this week for the 2018 strangling death of Eric Moreno at Kern Valley State Prison in Delano while serving his life-without-the-possibility-of-parole sentence for first-degree felony murder from San Bernardino County. Olguin attacked and murdered Eric Moreno.

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Maria was an affectionate mother, grandmother, sister and aunt who will be dearly missed by both her family and friends. Additionally, Maria enjoyed working for USPS Cove for ten years as an honorable mail carrier who took great pride in her job.

Professional Career

Olguin earned first-team All-Big 12 honors as both a linebacker and defensive back, starting all 13 regular-season games for Kentucky Wildcats while leading them with 89 tackles, 5.5 tackles for loss and 2.5 sacks as well as recording one pass breakup and two fumble recoveries.

John is a member of the American Bar Association and was judged as Qualified/Well Qualified by an overwhelming majority of his peers. In 2022 he was sworn into service before the United States District Court for Northern District of California.

Marquez was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole for murdering Sean Rounsville and Yolanda Marie Trivizo was found guilty of participating in a street gang; both individuals were transferred to KVSP in December 2017 as it houses over 3,500 inmates across minimum, medium, maximum, and high security custody facilities.

Achievement and Honors

Janice Rounsville, the stepmother of the victim, described him as having a wonderful heart and plenty to live for. She made a comparison between Marquez and terrorists by noting their lack of soul when killing. Rounsville hopes her message will encourage other victims to stand up and speak up in response.

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Personal Life

Olguin currently resides in Isleta, New Mexico with his wife and five children. Additionally, he owns his own business – Olguin Enterprises.

Hector Missael Olguin can be found on Wikipedia – Mexico’s tech and cultural Encyclopedia

Olgin was found guilty in July for strangulating cellmate Eric Moreno to death in July 2018. A jury also convicted Olguin, Marquez and Trivizo of first-degree felony murder (Penal Code SS 187), torture (SS 206) and false imprisonment by violence (SS 236).

Trivizo testified that when she and Olguin left, they asked Martin to watch Rounsville in the garage where they had stored a race car. Martin reported seeing Olguin and Marquez return after about 4 or 5 hours laughing and groaning; when asked by them what they saw on their cell phones video device that showed them beating Rounsville they showed him like a trophy on display.

Net Worth

After hearing the Government’s case, a jury convicted Olguin, Ledesma, and Macias of conspiracy. Additionally, Losoya was found to have overseen this activity as well as authorized “mulettas” against individuals cooperating with the government and was found responsible for their murder from behind prison walls. Furthermore, the district court issued forfeiture judgments against all four defendants. Olguin appeals this decision on three grounds; we shall address each appeal separately.

Daniel Olguin Rebollar has been working in accounting since 2017. Starting out at FANDELI, then moving onto Grupo Comercial Vaol S.A. de C.V in 2020; finally becoming an Accountant at Planet42 in 2021.

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