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Daniel Paz – A Famous TV Actor

He was an amazing father who was not only beloved in his family, but was an amazing source of comfort to all who knew him. Always kind, generous and playful with an infectious laugh, his funnier jokes would put a smile on anyone’s face.

Daniel Paz has extensive experience across numerous civil law practice areas. He has successfully represented bidders in tender committee proceedings related to Tel Aviv light rail’s green and purple lines worth billions of NIS.

Early Life and Education

As a writer, Paz explored many topics – Mexican politics and economics, Aztec art and anthropology were just a few he covered – with books published on these subjects as well as sexuality. Additionally, he helped found Plural literary magazine with liberal Mexican and Latin American writers.

His later poetry focused on love, eroticism, time and the meaning of time; while also drawing influence from Marxism, surrealism, existentialism as well as East religious traditions such as Buddhism.

Paz wrote the play La hija de Rappaccini in 1956. The plot centers around an Italian student visiting Professor Rappaccini’s beautiful gardens unaware that they contain poisonous plants; Paz based his play on Nathaniel Hawthorne’s 1844 short story for inspiration.

Professional Career

Daniel Paz has been employed at Wooptix as a software developer since December 2021. Prior to this he served as junior developer at EVOSOCIAL SOFT SL. Daniel attended Universidad de la Laguna where he pursued a Grado in Ingenieria Informatica degree.

He brings over 20 years of experience to the commercial real estate industry and specializes in industrial/distribution projects for corporate occupiers, investors and developers. To date he has completed and/or participated in over 200 Million square feet of Class A industrial construction.

He is a client-centric professional with an established record of long-term client relationships, enjoying working on repeat assignments from happy customers. He enjoys contributing his services as part of a team environment while building trust and rapport with both guests and clients alike.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Paz is an exceptional judoka who has won multiple accolades and awards in his judo career. He has competed at international tournaments, winning multiple medals at Pan American Cup U21 competition and earning himself a bronze medal at Judo World Championships. Additionally, Daniel’s outstanding track record makes him a highly-sought after professional.

His creative passion drives him to produce dynamic digital content of various types and varieties, always searching for ways to perfect his craft and push the boundaries of what can be accomplished with creativity and computer.

Since December 2021, he has been with Wooptix. In December he completed his Grado en Ingenieria from Universidad de La Laguna and also worked at EVOSOCIAL SOFT SL as a junior developer.

Personal Life

He was an avid reader who loved exploring new places. Additionally, he enjoyed playing golf and practising yoga; all those who knew him will miss his presence greatly.

He appeared in over 20 movies and TV shows during his lifetime, with Miracle Mile being his signature work alongside Richard Yiguez and Mare Winningham. Furthermore, Boulevard Nights saw him star alongside Richard Yiguez.

He was a Cancer who enjoyed physical challenges and leadership roles. He disliked inactivity, delays and work that failed to utilize his talents. He was married with two children; survived by his mother, siblings and friends before passing away on Thursday August 13, 2020.

Net Worth

Daniel Paz is an immensely recognizable television actor who has quickly established a name for himself in Hollywood. Best known for his performance in Miracle Mile and other films like Picking up the Pieces and Freejack, as well as making his directorial debut with Kill Kapone, Daniel is making waves throughout Hollywood.

Danny draws his main source of income from television acting; it is estimated that Danny’s net worth ranges between $1 Million – $5 Million.

His birthdate is 3 April 1957 and he identifies as American. Currently single, his religion is Christianity and he resides in California, USA where his alma mater University of Florida serves as his alma mater. Specialising in probate law.

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