Daniel Pi

Celebrate 3.14 With Daniel Pi

Celebrate 3.14 by running, swimming, biking or just taking a leisurely walk today in honor of all things pi! Don’t forget to have something delicious for lunch like pizza! And enjoy eating your slice.

Tammet set the European record for memorizing pi by recalling 22,514 digits from memory within five hours and nine minutes, setting an European record and publishing his feat in leading economics journals (American Economic Review and Econometrica), scientific journals (Nature Human Behavior and Science Advances), as well as five NeurIPS selections (Machine Learning for Law, Interpretable Machine Learning and Causal Machine Learning).

Early Life and Education

The name Daniel is derived from two early biblical figures and is now widely used as both given name and surname worldwide. Additionally, its popularity has led to several derivative names being adopted such as Danny, Dan and Dannylee.

The book presents a series of interlinked vignettes about Pi, a tiger, the ship’s cook and an unfortunate dead sailor whose leg has been amputated and eaten by Manti (Tammet’s constructed language composed of vocabulary and grammar from Finnish languages). Its language of narration varies between English and Manti.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel has received many academic and performance awards, such as taking first place in the 2022 Arthur Poister Scholarship competition. Additionally, he holds a master’s degree in piano performance from Eastman School of Music.

His unique language, Manti, was created from Finnish dialects. In 2006, he achieved European record by memorizing Pi to 22,514 digits from memory.

Piscine Molitor Patel (Suraj Sharma) and his family embark upon a Japanese freighter that sinks during its voyage from Asia to North America, trapping its animals–including Richard Parker the Tiger–in an overcrowded lifeboat and eventually coexisting peacefully despite initial difficulties, ultimately developing an affectionate relationship between themselves. Pi credits Richard Parker with keeping him alive.

Personal Life

At four, Daniel Pi experienced an epileptic seizure which resulted in his developing extraordinary savant abilities. Now speaking 11 languages and performing mind-boggling math calculations in his head, he can recite pi to 22,514 digits from memory!

Pi is unimpressed by his remarkable skills; instead he insists they don’t mean anything to him and simply views the world differently from most. Pi sees numbers as landscapes; for him 117 is attractive while 9 can be intimidating and 1 flashes like white light.

Grupo Penaflor in Argentina employs him as its winemaking director, and his exceptional knowledge of which areas suit which varietals enables him to craft wines of remarkable quality.

Net Worth

Pi has achieved tremendous success through music alone despite coming from modest beginnings, amassing wealth through performing with the band WDCW and on YouTube. His primary source of wealth comes from performing as part of this dynamic duo.

His net worth is estimated to be around $500 thousand. Additionally, he also makes money from his vineyard by producing wines under the brand Tres Catorce Vinos de Garage as a nod to both his last name and 3.14.

According to SEC filings, Gibson holds over 3,529 units of Impinj Inc stock valued at more than $1.031,573, having made six trades over five years (you can view his trading history here). Furthermore, he serves as director and 10 percent owner in Impinj Inc.

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