Daniel Pierini

Daniel Pierini, DPM

Daniel Pierini, DPM is a podiatry specialist practicing at Academy Foot and Ankle in Fort Worth, TX. He accepts various insurance plans as a non-participating provider with Medicare.

Raised in beach cities of Southern California and excelling at sports, physical training and music. He earned a podiatric medical degree at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona.

Early Life and Education

Pierini first came to Santa Cruz area from Switzerland and Italy for the University of California Santa Cruz Summer English Program in 1985, falling in love with both its culture and natural beauty. She later attended Cabrillo College where she earned an associate degree in Horticulture before enrolling at UCSC to study linguistics but dropped out after one year due to personal family matters.

After she returned to work as the university groundskeeper, her unfinished degree nagged at her. To encourage her in completing it, linguistics professor James McCloskey encouraged her.

Pierini supports abortion rights but disagrees with allowing women to choose when and why to have an abortion. She supports President Donald Trump’s nomination of conservative justices to the Supreme Court as she sees this move as beneficial to American citizens.

Professional Career

Daniel Pierini, DPM is an ABPM Board-Certified Foot and Ankle Surgeon who completed a 3-year surgical residency at Reading Hospital in West Reading, PA. His full scope podiatric medicine practice encompasses medical, surgical and operative procedures on feet and ankles for treating disorders or deformities of both feet and ankles.

Pierini made his collegiate debut as both a pinch hitter and pitcher against Illinois State (2/27)…striking out in his only at-bat, then pitching one inning while allowing one run on one hit while recording two strikeouts…

Pierini is also part of the rock band Cactus Peyotes, playing keyboards and acoustic guitar alongside Tim Horrigan on bass guitar and Christian Pierini on drums. Together they have performed at numerous festivals and venues as well as recorded two albums together.

Achievement and Honors

On Saturday, Pierini will complete her 27-year journey by graduating with a BA in language studies – thanks to encouragement from her mother. She credits this newfound motivation as being provided by their shared motherhood experience.

Her path to graduation may have been rough at times, but she persevered by taking advantage of flexible schedules and tuition discounts for university staff. Even after her home in Swanton burned down in last summer’s CZU Lightning Complex fire, she reenrolled and became one of the oldest students in her class.

Pierini has two older sisters. Nicolette is an actress who has appeared in films by Rob Reiner such as The Summer of Monte Wildhorn and Fro Rojas such as Tio Papi. Marisa, his younger sister has also appeared in various theater and film projects.

Personal Life

Pierini is married and the proud parent of two daughters: Nicolette who appeared in Rob Reiner’s film The Summer of Monte Wildhorn (2012) and Fro Rojas’ Tio Papi (2013) and Marisa who has made several theater and TV appearances over her career; as well as recreational sports activities with family.

Pierini supports Donald Trump and Mike Pence’s pro-life views and hopes the Supreme Court with its conservative justices will overturn Roe vs Wade, the law that legalized abortion nationwide. Pierini is actively involved with his church and enjoys playing drums as well as hiking and kayaking with his family. Originally hailing from Reading, Pennsylvania; Pierini practices full scope foot and ankle surgery since 2009 while enjoying nature, music, travel, hiking and kayaking with family.

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