Daniel Sampson

Daniel Sampson

Daniel Sampson is a pastor, teacher and intercessor who works alongside his wife in ministry to fulfill prophecies that God has spoken over their lives.

He and his family love traveling the world together to experience wildlife and foreign countries, while he himself is an avid skier and enthusiast for outdoor activities.

Early Life and Education

Sampson quickly formed close ties to fellow soldiers and developed an affection for General George Washington. She also recognized traditional roles for women while striving to challenge them.

She donned men’s clothing and cut her hair shoulder length for ease of combat, an aesthetic popular at the time. Often sent on raiding expeditions and scouting trips, she was once wounded by musket balls to the leg – fearful that an examination from a surgeon might reveal her true identity, she pretended her injury was only superficial – hoping not to reveal herself before seeking medical advice.

Once Sampson had recovered, Dr. Barnabas Binney discovered she wasn’t male – however he did not inform her; rather he sent her on a mission to West Point with a letter for her commander.

Professional Career

Sampson helped student-athletes thrive at both Oklahoma University and Star of Hope Mission through the Sooner Reading Program and as community leader at Norman, serving Thanksgiving lunches to Star of Hope Mission residents and leading an Texas Special Olympic event at Hofheinz Pavilion and Guy V. Lewis Development Facility.

Sampson and the Cougars entered this year as one of the preseason favorites in the American Athletic Conference, and have lived up to that expectations by winning both regular-season and tournament championships and reaching the Elite Eight.

Tom is a partner at Thomas Kennedy Sampson & Associates and has developed an AV rated national practice specializing in Personal Injury, Wrongful Death and Medical Malpractice Litigation. In 2017 and 2018, he was honored by being named Georgia Super Lawyer.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Sampson is a highly accomplished attorney renowned for both his professional and charitable efforts. In recognition of this, he was honored with selection as a Fellow in the American College of Trial Lawyers – an elite organization comprising only of those lawyers from each state and region who have demonstrated exceptional skill and integrity as advocates.

Sampson is both an accomplished attorney and basketball coach; leading Washington State Cougars to their first National Invitation Tournament win since 1983 was his proudest accomplishment as coach.

Sampson is a dedicated Christian who actively serves in ministry. From an early age he has been attending McClinton Baptist Church under Pastor and founder Maggie McClinton.

Personal Life

Sampson enjoys traveling with his wife to experience wildlife and foreign countries as well as visit his son in Los Angeles. Additionally, he takes part in medical missions helping children repair cleft lips and palates.

His research examines how rural 18th and 19th century Nova Scotians created modernity during this era. From evicted Acadians and Highlanders, marginalized African-Americans and Mi’kmaq or modestly capitalized farmers to modestly capitalised improving farmers, rural people helped shape markets, imagine competencies, debate modernity’s various dimensions of freedom and constraint that defined settler societies, shaping markets as markets were imagined and creating social movements to define modernity as it existed in their settlement societies.

He currently serves as Pastor at New Birth Baptist Church in Fargo, ND and is eager to fulfill God’s kingdom work in his community by spreading God’s word through New Birth Baptist. Together, his family are committed to spreading God’s message of salvation.

Net Worth

Sampson has made a positive difference in the community as an entrepreneur. His impact has been recognized by various organizations and individuals; for instance, Morehouse College awarded him their Bennie Trailblazer Award, while Atlanta Magazine named him one of its “Best Lawyers in America”. Additionally, Sampson serves as Master in both Bleckley and Logan Inns of Court.

He boasts an outstanding track record in handling complex cases of all sorts, from business and corporate disputes (breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, shareholder derivative claims and real estate disputes) to personal injuries such as catastrophic injuries; first amendment rights (defamation and anti-SLAPP lawsuits); federal regulatory compliance proceedings and federal court appearances.

He has also participated in many charitable causes. His family includes two children and his wife.

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