Daniel Scharff

Daniel Scharff

Daniel Scharff is the founder of Startup CPG, an initiative to assist small consumer packaged goods brands. Prior to this role, Daniel held various executive roles at JUST (head of strategy and insights), Mars Chocolate, Deloitte and Deloitte before being awarded his MBA at Wharton School.

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Early Life and Education

Daniel Scharff was born with a mild form of cerebral palsy that left him with short legs and limited mobility, yet never let it hold him back from living an active lifestyle despite this disability. He plays baseball, basketball and bowls regularly – even throwing the first pitch at Philadelphia Phillies stadium multiple times! He remains an ardent Philadelphia Phillies fan – often throwing first pitches during games!

Since joining Amazon Studios in 2013, he has overseen business affairs for both TV and film projects as well as negotiating talent deals such as those with Jonathan Nolan, Lisa Joy, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Donald Glover.

He has produced two Geoffrey Wright films – AFI award-winning ROMPER STOMPER and METAL SKIN, respectively – as well as several international co-productions including French/Australian feature THE PRISONER OF ST PETERSBURG.

Professional Career

Daniel Scharff serves as both Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel of The Urology Group. Since 1996, he has provided outside legal advice and oversight of all day-to-day and long-term financial aspects of its practice. Before fully joining The Urology Group full time in 2016, Dan focused on healthcare law, business law and tax law – with particular expertise in mergers and acquisitions.

He currently serves as Director of Strategy and Insights for JUST Food Company of Silicon Valley in its quest to create a world where everyone eats well. Prior to JUST, he worked at Deloitte as well as Mars Chocolate where he oversaw global pricing strategy development. Furthermore, he earned both an MBA from Wharton as well as JD from Northern Kentucky University’s Salmon P. Chase College of Law.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Scharff is an accomplished business leader, boasting many achievements over his long career. He currently serves as Chief Financial Officer of The Urology Group and has also undertaken other entrepreneurial ventures.

He has received multiple accolades throughout his career, such as being named New York City Entrepreneur of the Year and Ernst & Young Founders of the Year awardees.

Personal Information: He is married to Lena Scharff (formerly Laub) and they share two children together. In terms of philanthropy, he has supported numerous projects which help children and the wider community.

Personal Life

Daniel Scharff is a businessman with an intense passion for technology and entrepreneurship. Currently serving as CEO of a Miami-based beverage company and having previously held roles at Eat Just and Mars Chocolate; additionally he holds a Wharton MBA as well as founding Startup CPG to assist small brands.

He has been married twice and has four children from both marriages. His first was with Lena Scharff; they had one daughter together named Rosalie G. Simon before divorcing before 1947 when he married Retha M. Scharff; she gave him four more before divorcing after four more children were born to them before divorcing again after divorced with Daniel Scharff II from an earlier marriage; both marriages produced graduates of Johns Hopkins University and New York University.

Net Worth

Daniel Scharff has amassed an estimated net worth of US$10 Million. As an entrepreneur and the founder of Startup CPG – an organisation dedicated to helping small brands thrive -, his net worth stands at US$10 Million. Additionally, he holds a background in strategic consulting at Eat Just, Mars Chocolate and Deloitte amongst other places.

He boasts an extensive client roster and has worked on multiple major projects. Furthermore, he has helped secure key deals with talent including Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Donald Glover and Michael B Jordan.

He comes from an early 19th-century family, has married twice and had five children, currently lives in Mississippi and enjoys various hobbies such as traveling, reading, hiking and golfing – with an extensive collection of art and antiques in his possession – in addition to serving on multiple company boards as a member.

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