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Dan Sorrell is an enthusiastic winemaker with a clear goal in mind. After working alongside some exceptional producers, he desired to establish his own label to showcase all the skills acquired over time.

Early Life and Education

Sorrell had an air of an academic or preacher, not an active baseballer. After making waves during his high-school and collegiate baseball careers in North Carolina, Sorrell turned professional with the Detroit Tigers in 1928 before working day jobs before playing semiprofessional ball in Bluefield – an active coal town and rail center on Virginia’s border.

At nineteen, he married Eileeen (Oldershaw). As their loving father of Brian, Tara, Stacey and Jacob; he also shared the honor of being the beloved son of Beverly and Norm Sorrell who preceded them both in death; brother to Jody Gorissen with Rick Gorissen husband Mark Vella Vella Joan Forsyth as well as many other nieces and nephews.

Professional Career

Daniel Sorrell had grown restless after nine years working in corporate banking. On a trip to France, he visited a winery and saw first-hand all the excitement surrounding harvest time; it became clear to him that this world held his attention and desired him.

Sorrell is known to enjoy wine but also has an affinity for running, having completed multiple marathons and triathlons. Additionally, he enjoys learning about physical and social sciences as well as traveling extensively.

Sorrell currently holds the role of Chief Technical Officer at 800response, a health IT company. Prior to that he held positions with Treem, Cerner Corporation and PureWellness where his responsibilities included overseeing an engineering team as well as budgeting for compliance with URAC and HIPAA policies.

Achievement and Honors

Sorrell has distinguished himself with many accomplishments, such as serving on the Board of Cloudy Bay Wine Company, mentoring at Young Entrepreneurs Academy, and participating in many community service activities. Additionally, his diverse interests and eagerness for learning new things make him an exceptional leader.

He enjoys boating, swimming and strength conditioning – three activities which he plans to major in kinesiology. Gardner Sorrell played football at Thomas More College while his mother Angel played piano.

He recently won the R.W. Sorrell Scholarship Fund’s inaugural Leadership Awards. Philadelphia–(Marketwired – June 2, 2015) – Independence Blue Cross President and CEO Daniel Hilferty awarded Brandon Mole, a Central High School senior, with a four-year $8,000 scholarship to assist with funding his college education. Dr. William R. Hite Jr was present for this presentation held at Independence Blue Cross corporate offices.

Personal Life

Sorrell enjoys learning about both physical and social sciences, travel and cooking; working in the arts; as well as writing.

Entrepreneur is known for his love of wine and interest in growing and producing it himself. Additionally, he is an active philanthropist supporting various charitable organisations.

Sorrell is married to Lady Sandra and together they have three sons. While he has managed to balance his personal and professional lives successfully, there have been some controversies: while working at WPP his first wife sued him for PS30m as part of the largest settlement ever awarded by British courts for making her feel marginalised and dehumanised by him.

Net Worth

His net worth has been estimated at PS949.49 Million.

After leaving WPP in 2023, S4 Capital became his company of choice – a digital marketing agency in which he owns approximately 9.4% through special incentive shares and receives an annual bonus tied to like-for-like revenue growth.

He and his senior team had also received an additional bonus for meeting diversity targets; unfortunately, this year they fell short.

He may own homes in both London and New York. Should he and his wife divorce, she is likely to inherit much of the wealth accumulated during their marriage; or alternatively they could have implemented a prenup agreement, as is common among high net worth couples.

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