Daniel Spicer

Daniel Spicer

Daniel was an adventurous spirit who loved surprising his grandchildren with movie dates, exciting dinners and road trips. A staunch Panthers supporter himself, he loved spending time with his loved ones.

Katz’s introduction may initially seem late or belated; however, he proves himself more than capable to meet this daunting challenge and leave many opportunities for future Spicerian studies.

Early Life and Education

Dan’s research focuses on workplace politics, organisational culture, employee identity and new organizational forms. He has published widely in these areas and taught both undergraduate and postgraduate levels with great success; helping his students attain high academic results while sharpening their critical thinking abilities.

His research covers a wide variety of areas, but Dan has an abiding fascination for wellbeing and organisational culture. He studies how organizations can best support employees’ wellbeing as part of wider business community support systems. His work has been featured in international journals with highly cited references; additionally, Dan serves as member of several editorial advisory boards as an associate editor at Organization Studies journal; additionally he serves as senior fellow at Centre for Management and Organization Studies of University College London.

Professional Career

Daniel Spicer is an author, broadcaster and improviser who has contributed his writing and broadcast skills to publications like The Wire and Jazzwise magazines, programme notes for London Jazz Festival and Contemporary Music Network concerts, as well as publishing an authoritative book on Turkish psychedelic music with Repeater Books.

He currently serves as Chief Security Officer (CSO) at Ivanti, a global technology company dedicated to creating an Everywhere Workplace. As such, his responsibilities include strengthening Ivanti’s cybersecurity infrastructure – this includes reviewing future acquisitions for strength of security as well as working closely with engineering teams on solutions designed with stronger protection.

Dr. Daniel Spicer of Kalaheo, Hawaii specializes in emergency medicine and is associated with multiple hospitals nearby such as Samuel Mahelona Memorial Hospital and Wilcox Medical Center. With more than six years of experience under his belt, Dr. Spicer offers emergency services throughout Hawaii.

Achievement and Honors

Dan was well known for his sense of humor and penchant for charming pranks. A huge Panthers fan, he also found great pleasure in spending time with his family by fishing, riding four wheelers, cooking out or riding four-wheelers.

At Indiana University-Southeast he served as an Assistant Professor of Accounting until deciding to go back full time to school for his law degree at Maurer School of Law in 1973. Following this move he then relocated to Denver Colorado and started practicing law as an attorney.

Spicer Rui Ma was honored to receive the 2015 Xuhui District Corporate Social Responsibility Award for their efforts to implement green innovation and business practices, and in 2023 was selected as recipient of Ella Brennan Lifetime Achievement in Hospitality Award – this prestigious award recognizes individuals for outstanding contributions made to hospitality.

Personal Life

Spicer was intensely dedicated to his family during the final years of his life, from being an attentive husband to Jerolyn and an attentive father of his five children Daniel III, Makena Hayden Isaac and Layla. Additionally he took great pleasure in flying private aircraft as an accomplished private aircraft pilot.

Katz’s book marks the first comprehensive critical analysis of Spicer’s poetry, and he proves eminently up to the task. Katz touches upon most aspects of Spicer’s poetics – an impressive feat considering he remains more an engaging introduction than an exhaustive overview.

He was an active member of his local community and an enthusiastic supporter of public education, while also giving to many nonprofit organizations worldwide.

Net Worth

Spicer is an esteemed political adviser with an estimated $8 Million net worth. He has worked on multiple campaigns and administrations over his long career as part of both Republican Party administrations and campaigns.

He currently serves as president of RigWil LLC, a strategic consulting firm providing C-suite corporate and association executives with insights. Prior to that role, he served as assistant media and public affairs for the United States Trade Representative Office under George W. Bush administration as well as being captain in United States Navy Reserve.

He and Rebecca Miller have two children together. He currently serves on the boards of Yellow Ribbon Fund and Independence Fund and as board adviser to Operation Renewed Hope; in addition, he actively supports PurpleStride which raises money for pancreatic cancer research and treatment.

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