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Securities Fraud Charges Filed Against Daniel Thibeault

Daniel Thibeault once had it all: an Ivy League education and his own profitable investment fund.

Thibeault was not only a husband and father; now facing prison time on securities fraud charges. Meyer Wilson represents investors who lost money through this scheme; read further to gain more insight into Thibeault’s case.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Thibeault stands accused of engaging in an elaborate fraud scheme involving a mutual fund, according to allegations by the Securities and Exchange Commission. It alleges he used funds from GL Beyond Income Fund for fraudulent loan creation resulting in over $15 million lost to investors. A final judgment against all defendants permanently prohibits them from violating Sections 10(b) and 17(a) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 as well as Rule 10b-5 thereunder as well as Sections 206(1) and 206(2) of Investment Advisers Act of 1940.

Thibeault’s victims alleged during his trial that he ruined their retirements, was responsible for money being lost due to fraud, and should be sent to prison. Additionally, one said she felt she had been duped out of her life savings. They appealed for mercy.

Professional Career

Daniel Thibeault has extensive experience implementing comprehensive safety and health programs on multiple construction projects, as well as possessing technical expertise in areas such as industrial hygiene, fall protection, confined spaces safety and heavy equipment safety.

Thibeault entered his plea of guilty to criminal securities fraud charges in March. His scheme diverted $15 million from GL Beyond Income Fund by creating fraudulent loans. Additionally, he admitted making several false statements to federal investigators.

The SEC is seeking civil injunctive relief in order to prevent further dissipation of funds allegedly misappropriated from investors and protect future ones. The court finds that the SEC has presented sufficient evidence of likely success on its claims for injunctive relief.

Personal Life

Thibeault hails from New Hampshire and is well-recognized across Monadnock for both his artistic and entrepreneurial talents. He established and expanded 12 Pine in Peterborough into a larger venture before selling it, dedicating more of his time to painting and his two grandsons.

The SEC asserted that beginning in 2013, or later, Mr. Faulk issued multiple loans through the Fund using his friends and acquaintances’ names as collateral, to pay operational expenses associated with both affiliated entities as well as his own expenses. These funds were then used for personal expenses related to running operations of these funds and for his own expenses.

His civil charges with the Securities and Exchange Commission include defrauding investors by siphoning off money from funds he managed. A potential prison sentence of nine years may result.

Net Worth

Daniel Thibeault’s securities fraud case includes numerous victims, ranging from investors and retirees to his old college roommates and even his nanny. Many of them alleged he cheated them out of life savings and betrayed their trust, leading them to demand that he repay $15 Million that he stole along with serving an extended prison sentence.

In January 2015, the Securities and Exchange Commission filed a criminal complaint against Graduate Leverage LLC; GL Capital Partners LLC and GL Advisor Solutions Inc based in the Philippines for misappropriating over $15 Million from an investor mutual fund he managed called “GL Beyond Income Fund,” which invested in consumer loans.

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