Daniel Tobler

Daniel Tobler

Daniel Tobler owns and operates a precision machine shop specializing in processing complex, precision turned and milled parts. Additionally, he advises private clients in matrimonial property law matters related to inheritance law issues as well as supporting institutional customers on private and enforcement law issues pertaining to real estate. With an emphasis on finding amicable solutions between contracting parties or opposing parties while supporting litigating colleagues with substantive legal questions related to his area of expertise.

Early Life and Education

Nicole Tobler has been teaching for 14 years at Rochelle Community Consolidated District 231, currently teaching kindergarten at Lincoln School. Recently, she was honored with Illinois Principal Association’s Teacher Leadership Award in the state’s Northwest region.

She holds a Master’s of History and Political Sciences from the University of Lucerne and completed a postgraduate course on Human Rights Education and Memory Cultures. Since 2016, she has been working as a Research Associate with the Center for History Education and Memory Cultures.

Waldo Tobler was an active member of the Sierra Club, meeting his future wife Rachel while hiking Inspiration Point in 1982. Waldo leaves behind his two sons Masson and Eric as well as sister Nancy Morrill (Dean Morrill) with her husband Dean Morrill as well as three nieces and seven nephews.

Professional Career

Professionally, he provided advice and assistance to private clients regarding matrimonial property and inheritance law matters, while also helping both individual and institutional clients in private and enforcement law issues regarding real estate transactions. Furthermore, he served as executor of last wills or estate distribution agents/deputies and as appointee for an advance care directive.

He pioneered rigorous scientific research in cartography, geographic data analysis and computer programming. His groundbreaking efforts laid the groundwork for today’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

On a Sierra Club hike to Inspiration Point in July 1982, Eric Tobler met Rachel Mendenhall Tobler whom he would marry two months later on September 15. Eric is father to Stephen.

Achievement and Honors

The Tobler Time Award, established in 2015-16 and established to recognize student athletes who excel on the field, classroom and community – Abby Lord from lacrosse was honored with its inaugural recipient this year.

Tobler was a nationally renowned cartography educator, author and researcher. As one of the first to introduce innovative digital technologies into geographical research that focused on theory, mathematical modeling and computer-aided visualization of data. He pioneered methods for producing smooth two-dimensional mass-preserving data distributions as well as novel map projections.

Tobler was best-known for introducing the concept of using areal density maps to study human population migrations and urban centers’ development. He founded the Department of Geography at UC Santa Barbara where he held a distinguished professorship for 41 years.

Personal Life

He was an unassuming individual who preferred building relationships slowly over time and measured people not by what they said, but what they did. He was a trusted friend and mentor to many, particularly young academics. He enjoyed classical music, opera, reading scientific theoretical tomes and hiking; counting daily dandelions while celebrating Swiss heritage and culture with passion.

Rachel Mendenhall Tobler passed away in December 2016 after 35 years of marriage, leaving Eric and Stephen Tobler as his children from his first marriage as well as Adam his stepson from Adam Burckhardt’s inheritance law firm whose practice focused on matrimonial and inheritance law respectively. Additionally he is survived by Heidi Weisskopf and Kara Evers – two nieces. Burckhardt’s practice offers legal support in matrimonial and inheritance matters as part of its services to clients.

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