Daniel Waldo

The Reverend Daniel Waldo

Reverend Daniel Waldo was an American Revolutionary War Veteran, Prisoner of War, and Chaplain to the House of Representatives. Known for his quick wit and charming oratory skills, Waldo also held court in Congress during his career.

He lived to be 101 and left an amazing legacy, so let’s take a closer look at his life and career.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Waldo was an American clergyman who served in both World Wars, later becoming a missionary and pastor in Connecticut and at one time serving as Chaplain for the House of Representatives. He lived long enough to see out the end of American Civil War until his death at age 93 in 1864.

Some historians have asserted that Waldo was America Waldo’s biological father; however, there is no concrete proof. She was born in early June of 1844 in Missouri a full year after Waldo left that state; it’s possible her mother could have been owned by one of his siblings David Joseph or Lawrence however this cannot be verified definitively.

Professional Career

Professor Heslop possesses extensive expertise in academic criminology and the criminal justice system. For over 50 years he conducted research projects pertaining to juvenile and criminal justice issues for universities; taught classes; administered offices; oversaw graduate student supervision at those same institutions; served on state/national task forces dedicated to criminology; enjoyed motorcycling/rural road exploration for pleasure and believes everyone has potential for ultimate success and accomplishment.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Waldo was a man of great integrity. With an active mind and vast knowledge of history, he particularly appreciated Miguel Cervantes’ amusing and immortal satire of an earlier civilization found in “Don Quixote.” Daniel had no tolerance for cant, shams, pretenses or hypocrisy – something his integrity dictated would always prevail over any such attempts at hypocrisy or cant.

As a college student at New Mexico State University (NMSU), he ran cross country for the team and learned invaluable lessons in perseverance and optimism from this experience. A true believer in human potential, he works to assist as many individuals in reaching their fullest potential and reaching happiness in life.

A uniform dress code was implemented, which was very well received by students, teachers and parents alike. Furthermore, a grant was received to fund after-school activities, clubs and night classes at this school.

Personal Life

Daniel Waldo was an active patriot militia member during the American War for Independence, fighting British rule with local patriot militia units and later serving as an British prisoner of war for two months. Later, he would become a Congregational minister and serve as Chaplain of the House of Representatives for over seventy years – making history!

Following John’s death in California, Avarilla sold her property and moved with several blacks such as Nathan Brooks and America Waldo to Oregon where they settled on Donation Land Claims near Salem.

Though much has been written about America Waldo prior to her marriage to Richard Bogle in 1863, little is known of her early life before Daniel Waldo was claimed as her father by Richard Bogle’s family. Up until recently, no source existed to corroborate such claims.

Net Worth

Waldo remains modest despite his many achievements, preferring to keep a low profile and remain understated. Yet his estimated net worth exceeds $3 Million thanks to acting and investments across various fields.

He is best-known for playing a dim-witted chef-in-training on Family Matters and for voiceover work on Legion of Super-Heroes episode Timber Wolf. Additionally, he serves as a trainer at Gracie Humaita academy in Lee’s Summit Missouri.

He has been active in the entertainment industry for over fifty years, overcoming numerous hurdles to succeed. Even after being blacklisted during the Red Scare of 1951, he persevered and continued writing scripts for numerous television shows and films – he remains an awe-inspiring mentor to us all. He truly stands as an example.

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