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The Artistry of Daniel Wallpaper

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Early Life and Education

Early in his life, Daniel Wallpaper was passionately drawn to drawing, taking much inspiration from BBC wildlife programs and textile design during his foundation year at art school. Textile design became his favorite medium because it allowed him to transfer illustrations onto something tangible beyond simply pure artwork.

Designer David Lynch’s signature eroded motif has been translated into wallpaper designs. Initially created for an art show he held in 2018, in collaboration with Brooklyn-based Calico Wallpaper, it is now available to interior decorators who wish to add their own personal flair when decorating spaces.

Daniel Hechter wallpaper collections provide graphic patterns and florals in sophisticated yet subtle colors like green, blue and white that create authentically young yet stylish looks that are also modern and cosmopolitan. Linen effect wallpapers with flowers as well as three-dimensional stripes add depth while plain wallpapers featuring tactile textures round out these designs beautifully.

Professional Career

Daniel Heath first discovered textiles during his foundation year at art school. He quickly fell in love with them as an artistic medium that allowed him to apply his sketches onto something tangible other than just “art pieces for art’s sake”. Since graduating in 1998, Daniel has expanded into printing silks, fine fabrics and even reclaimed slate tiles – expanding his creative repertoire and practice further each time he makes something.

Today, his wallpaper designs have become iconic. Simple yet sophisticated and timeless in appearance, his modern but nonintrusive designs merge cosmopolitan style with French lifestyle seamlessly.

Warehouse Home and Daniel Arhsam collaborated recently to transform his signature eroded motif into a stunning wallpaper collection called Erosions. This wallcovering boasts an eye-catching trompe l’oeil effect that gives an illusion of crystal fragments peeking out from behind your walls, with understated trend colors to complete its design.

Personal Life

Daniel Arhsam is an artist who employs various printing techniques to apply his designs on fabric and hard surfaces. During his first year of art school foundation program he came upon textiles as an incredible way of bringing his sketches to life and putting his creativity on display.

Hechter wallpapers are modern and sophisticated without being overpowering. Cool yet subdued trend colors such as green, petrol or pastel tones combine with stylish accents in powerful red or trendy black to produce an eye-catching visual display. Deliberate decorative elements such as graphic patterns, linen/wood effect textures or three dimensional stripes add dimension while plain wallpapers provide structure for your room.

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