Daniel Waltz

Daniel Waltz

Daniel Waltz provides expert counsel to domestic and foreign companies on a range of regulatory, international, and commercial matters. He has extensive experience assisting with government contract due diligence efforts as well as related transactions.

He assists clients in understanding and complying with US export controls related to products, technology and software. Furthermore, he keeps abreast of changes to US foreign and trade policy that could impact business or investment decisions.

Early Life and Education

Dan Waltz is a senior at BASIS Flagstaff who is dedicated to learning and strives to bring people together through his books, reading and new perspectives. When not studying or reading, he enjoys playing ultimate Frisbee or hiking with Tippy, his special needs eight-pound rescue dog.

At Oberlin College, he initially studied math and literature before switching to political science over time. Later he attended Columbia University with the intent of earning his upper graduate degree in economics but instead found more interest in politics; ultimately switching into their PhD program instead.

His first book, Man, the State and War, provided an encompassing worldview. Subsequent work focused more on specific subjects, like nuclear weapon proliferation.

Professional Career

Daniel serves as part of the firm’s Regulatory Investigations, Strategy + Enforcement group and offers his clients strategic counsel regarding state and federal government investigations, complex commercial litigation cases involving government contract obligations as well as transactional matters involving such obligations. Additionally, he advises companies on compliance issues related to anticorruption regulations like the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Dan represents domestic and foreign corporations importing and exporting various goods and technologies. He helps clients comply with US export control regulations, obtain rulings to facilitate license applications and defend them against compliance or enforcement proceedings. Furthermore, he assists them in understanding changes to international and trade policy in the US.

He specializes in crafting innovative legal strategies to advance and meet business and organization objectives, and is an avid reader, continually looking for new knowledge and perspectives that help bring people together.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Waltz is an attorney at the Animal Legal Defense Fund where he specializes in creating creative legal strategies to support animal welfare and protection. Additionally, Daniel has appeared in major film productions as the sadistic circus ringmaster in Water for Elephants as well as Roman Polanski’s Carnage where he played a caustic New York attorney role. Additionally in 2012 he appeared as a bounty hunter assisting freed slaves find their families via Django Unchained as the moral compass who helps find families for them all over.

Bessner and Guilhot claim that Neorealism emerged due to Waltz’s desire to reconcile his realist view of world politics with American liberalism, yet Campbell Craig, William Inboden and Robert Vitalis counter this view by asserting that Bessner & Guilhot’s arguments rest upon faulty historical claims about classical Realism while dismissing competing evidence concerning Structural Realism’s rise.

Personal Life

Daniel Waltz is a staff attorney for the Animal Legal Defense Fund where he develops innovative legal strategies to advocate for improved animal welfare and increased protections. His efforts have led to several important legal precedents such as Kuehl v. Sellner which protected endangered animals from being sold for meat sales.

He is both a father and husband, raising two sons – Russell and Michael – as well as an avid reader, always seeking new knowledge. Additionally, he enjoys basketball playing on BASIS Flagstaff Boys Varsity Basketball team.

Waltz had experienced more ups than downs in his acting career until Inglourious Basterds came along. He had appeared on kids’ shows, cavorted in stripy leotards on them, and been outshone by an impressive crime-fighting dog in Kommissar Rex – but now, thanks to this film, things seem much brighter.

Net Worth

Waltz has taken on many villainous roles throughout his career – from manipulative Cardinal Richelieu in 2011’s The Three Musketeers to campy supervillain Chudnofsky from The Green Hornet and corrupt colonial officer Leon Rom in last year’s The Legend of Tarzan. His ability to switch between comedy and menacing makes each role come alive on screen, and with Georgetown as his directorial debut he proves himself an accomplished director as well as actor.

He works part-time as an animal rights activist for the Animal Legal Defense Fund as a litigation fellow and founded Montblanc Charity; his residence can be found at 42 Winchell Street in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA and his partner is Judith Holste; together they have two children.

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