Daniel Wentworth

Daniel Wentworth

Daniel Wentworth is an attorney in Maine specializing in Criminal Defense law. After earning his law degree with honor from Appalachian State University in 2014 and the University of Maine School of Law respectively.

He has extensive experience handling a range of civil and criminal matters, such as dispositional conferences, federal bail revocations and family matters. In addition, he worked at York County District Attorney’s Office as a student attorney, conducting negotiations at dispositional conferences and screening cases.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Wentworth grew up in a quiet Boston neighborhood that made him acutely aware of its inequitable housing conditions, inspiring him to pursue healthcare architecture at Wentworth Institute of Technology where he studied racialized histories of U.S. infrastructures while developing a passion for working with communities of color.

This summer, he established the Wentworth Lab: an environment for students to focus and work together productively on group assignments, math homework and any other activities requiring intentionality and concentration.

He’s also an accomplished musician; his instrumental album is entitled “Axe to Grind”, featuring rock heavyweights Roger Earl (Foghat, Savoy Brown Blues Band) on drums and Derek St. Holmes (Ted Nugent, Blue Oyster Cult) on bass as guests artists.

Professional Career

Since his professional debut, Dr. Chiang has held various leadership roles at CDC including serving as Director of Influenza Division and now heading up Virology Surveillance and Diagnosis Branch (VSDB). His laboratory studies influenza and coronavirus pathogenesis, antigenic characterization, and vaccine development using synthetic genomic approaches.

He has also established Wentworth Bath with his father Adrian since its establishment in January 2010; currently this agency boasts six locations throughout Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

Daniel then studied law at the University of Maine School of Law and passed the bar exam in 2017. Since then he has practiced Criminal Defense with great distinction amongst his peers – they even named him Rising Star from 2021-2023!

Achievement and Honors

At Willowbrook, she consistently sought out the most rigorous academic courses, such as eleven Advanced Placement (AP) and college credit-earning classes. Furthermore, she was an advocate for her students by initiating outreach programs designed to strengthen elementary and middle schoolers’ math abilities.

Publicly, Wentworth was an influential force in colonial Sydney. He served as Chief Superintendent of Police and Magistrate while also acting as Governor Lachlan Macquarie’s physician, family doctor, confidant, and friend.

Privately, Wentworth proved less than respectable. His relationship with convict Catherine Crowley resulted in three children being born: William Charles Wentworth was born aboard the Surprize during a storm off Norfolk Island on 13 August 1790; two more followed after her death in 1800.

Personal Life

Daniel Goworth (1850 – 1934) was an animal, landscape and still life painter renowned for his iconic images of animals and landscapes alike. His works have been regularly offered at auction – his SPRING TIME painting set the record price at James D. Julia Auctioneers at $51,75 USD in 2007.

Dave was an avid college sports fan, particularly the Duke Blue Devils but also other Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) schools and beyond. Additionally, he loved watching both Yankees and Red Sox baseball games as well as golf tournaments on TV and also gardening, refinishing furniture, as well as doing small carpentry projects such as building cabinets for his shop.

He married Dorothy Hilda Rogers (nee Goworth), with whom he had one child: Eric George Gordon Gordon Goworth. Unfortunately he passed away unexpectedly at month day of death place and was laid to rest nearby in burial place.

Net Worth

According to Form 4s filed with the SEC, he has conducted over 43 trades of BLUE stock during the past nine years and currently owns at least 1,312 units as of 19 June 2020.

He has featured in various Australian television shows, such as Police Rescue and Neighbours. Additionally, he portrayed Constable Yannis Angelopoulos for Police Rescue and Steve Parker in Neighbours as well as Homicide Detective Charlie Bezzina from Fat Tony & Co, an offshoot program of Melbourne gangland drama Underbelly. His estimated net worth stands at approximately $4 Million with income coming mainly from acting, collaborations, endorsements/sponsorships/tattooings as well as charities he participates in. he bears several tattoos/body arts across his body!

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