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Lawyer Profile – Daniel Zarnowski

While in law school, Daniel became interested in family matters through volunteering as a Guardian ad Litem and seeing first-hand the impact of parenting decisions and time on children. Daniel completed over 100 hours of pro bono work with underserved communities while in law school.

He currently works as a Family Law Lawyer at Alexandra White and has held this role for seven years.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Zarnowski was born and raised in Exeter, New Hampshire. After earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology, he attended law school at St Thomas University School of Law in Miami where he earned magna cum laude honors – also becoming involved with family matters as a volunteer guardian ad litem and engaging with underserved communities through pro bono work of over 100 hours in pro bono work for children and engagement with underserved communities.

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Professional Career

Daniel graduated law school in the top 5% of his class. During law school he served as research assistant to a notable professor and assisted her with writing an upcoming article for publication. Furthermore he held positions such as law clerk and student instructor during his second year.

He currently practices family law in Centennial, CO and his practice specializes in divorce, custody and adoption cases as well as domestic violence and child abuse issues. Additionally, he possesses extensive experience dealing with these matters.

Daniel became passionate about family matters through his volunteer work as a guardian ad litem, witnessing first-hand how parenting time and decision making affected children in dependency cases. While in law school, Daniel completed over 100 hours of pro bono work through organizations such as Feeding South Florida and Miami River Cleanup Commission.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel is a distinguished member of the American Board of Trial Advocates and Martindale-Hubble has awarded him their highest rating: an “AV”. Additionally, Colorado Super Lawyers named him one of their country’s premier lawyers; Daniel interned for a federal district court judge and worked at a civil litigation firm as a law clerk while in law school, handling all aspects of litigation.

Attorney Kevin Hecht believes in working collaboratively with families to secure them the best outcome. When not practicing law, he enjoys playing golf on weekends and hiking around Colorado.

Discover if you are one of them! Mary Zarnowski passed away on the date and place of her death; she was born in 1938 and had one brother: Michael Zarnowski.

Personal Life

Discover new discoveries today & reconnect with your past. Dan Zarnowski is an associate attorney with Law Offices of Alexandra White in Centennial, Colorado where he practices family law. He earned his magna cum laude from St Thomas University School of Law before passing the bar exam in 2016.

While in law school, he worked as a research assistant for a professor, taught a class, and served as law clerk in all aspects of litigation. Additionally, he completed over 100 hours of pro-bono work – such as acting as guardian ad litem for children involved in dependency cases.

Outside of his work life, he enjoys hiking in beautiful Colorado on weekends. Together with his wife, they own a dog that they enjoy spending time with outdoors and cooking meals together – there’s not much they won’t eat!

Net Worth

Daniel Zarnowski reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of $2 Million, due to his successful legal career and specialization in Family Law. Zarnowski was honored for his efforts by peers when awarded with a Rising Stars designation given only annually.

He is a member of the American Bar Association and has been practicing law since 2007. Since 2010, he has worked at Alexandra White in Littleton, Colorado; serving this company for seven years as Chief Operating Officer (COO). Prior to that he held positions at various other companies as a COO or COO.

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