Daniela Necklace

The Daniela Necklace by Guy De Maupassant

Designer Daniela Villegas is known for her eye-catching insect-inspired fine jewelry pieces that include grinning chameleons, bejeweled beetles and dinosaur skeletons.

Her pieces combine elegance and spirituality for an exceptional look. Her namesake brand uses only ethically sourced materials that will last through the generations.

Early Life and Education

“The Necklace,” written by Guy de Maupassant during a period of economic and social unrest in France in the late 19th century, explores themes of greed and vanity as well as appearance versus reality. Mathilde is a modest wife living a simple life with her husband yet is obsessed with luxurious items despite living modestly herself; believing herself entitled to every delicacy and luxury without appreciating life’s simple pleasures or seeing herself for all of its worth; thus blind to her own wealth in love, youth, and beauty despite herself. Daniela Necklace features dark purple beads which dangle dramatically for an eye-catching statement effect; 14k gold-filled adjustable design ensures an ideal fit!

Professional Career

This 14 karat gold necklace boasts delicate yet strong rubies for an exquisite piece that works well with virtually any look.

Over four decades at Sotheby’s, David Bennett and Daniela Mascetti accumulated extensive knowledge about gemstones and jewelry. Leveraging this expertise together, the two recently wrote the book Understanding Jewellery to share it with their peers.

Daniela Villegas is well known for her eye-catching designs featuring nature’s most captivating animals. This year she unveiled her Curiosity collection during Paris pret-a-porter Fashion Week. Additionally, this Los Angeles-based designer hosts an annual jewelry party at Deyrolle; there she broke their no photos policy to stage an exhibit for her brand’s 10th anniversary celebrations.

Achievement and Honors

The Daniela Necklace is both delicate and strong at once, featuring rubies for added opulence. An indispensable addition to your jewelry collection.

Daniela Villegas of Los Angeles-based fine jeweler Daniela Villegas is well known for her animal-inspired jewelry designs. She first showcased them during Couture Week in Paris. Now with Inner Child collection she features sloth pendant that is both charming and extravagantly luxurious.

In 2009, she was chosen to exhibit her large graduated swirl necklace and matching earrings at Goldsmiths Hall as part of the annual Craftsmanship and Design Awards Exhibition. Additionally, her work can be seen in an exquisite new book on jewelry making techniques.

She is involved with numerous professional organizations and serves as Executive Board member of the American Society for Engineering Education Engineering Libraries Division. Her areas of interest include technical standards education and scholarly impact metrics.

Personal Life

Daniela Villegas is a Mexican-born jewelry designer and avid observer of Mother Earth. Her interest in nature’s subtle nuances is translated into her intricate yet powerful creations, drawing from lifeforms, conversations, books, travel experiences and memories as sources for inspiration. Daniela often incorporates organic elements like beetles, porcupine quills feathers shells pebbles wood 18K gold mixed with precious and semi-precious gemstones into her pieces to tell personal tales that reflect wearer identities – currently she lives and crafts all her one-of-a-kind fine jewelry pieces by hand in Los Angeles California where all her fine pieces are created from start to finish by hand craftspeople!

She is also actively involved in philanthropy and has donated her designs to multiple charitable organizations. Additionally, she strives to ensure her brand remains ethically produced and sustainable.

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