Daniela Rocha

Daniela Rocha

Daniela specializes in designing, editing and curating books for various publishers such as Alias Editorial, Abrams Press, Aperture Rizzoli RM. Additionally she has created cultural magazines, coffee table books and literature collections for clients such as Victoria & Albert Museum in London; Mexican Embassy UK as well as Colegio San Ildefonso and Museo Del Estanquillo Museums located in Mexico.

Professional Career

Daniela Rocha has an extensive career editing, designing, and publishing art books, exhibition catalogs, cultural magazines, coffee table books and literature collections for publishers, charities and universities – among them Victoria & Albert Museum in London; Mexican Embassy London as well as other museums, educational institutions and galleries.

Her work is inspired by the vibrant cultures she has experienced while living and working in Latin America, depicting themes related to culture, nature, identity and empowerment for young women. Additionally, she conducts workshops as well as running her own YouTube channel; throughout her professional career she has won two Grand Slam titles and Olympic gold in singles and doubles tennis respectively.

Personal Life

Daniel Rocha prefers to keep her personal life and romantic life private and is currently unattached, seemingly focused solely on advancing her career goals.

She is an artist whose paintings reflect her life experiences across Latin America as she lives and travels for work or leisure. Her art embodies both her strength and the natural world’s splendor.

She is also an enthusiastic practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and kickboxing who has competed nationally at Brazil, South American and Pan-American competitions. As someone with such hardworking commitment, she always manages to balance her career life with personal commitments in an ideal manner; being an example to many.

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