Daniela Sassoun

Daniela Sassoun – Luxury Real Estate Broker

Daniela Sassoun is an award-winning full-service luxury real estate broker renowned for her extensive background in finance, exceptional analytical abilities, and ability to see the big picture. She has handled deals ranging from individual apartment sales to multimillion-dollar investments successfully.

According to ZoomInfo, Daniela Sassoun lives at 149 Bowne Rd in Sharon CT 06801 with three children.

Early Life and Education

Sassoun hails from Brazil and Europe and started her real estate career at Douglas Elliman in 2005 as an investment banking assistant. She currently resides in Manhattan at 149 Bowne Rd Sharon CT 06801

She has provided assistance to clients from around the globe looking to purchase properties in New York City, including several high profile listings such as Joyce Pascowitch’s London Terrace Towers building.

Professional Career

Born and educated in Sao Paulo, Brazil and raised between the US and Switzerland, her international background and fluency in Portuguese, English and Spanish inspired her to develop skills specifically suited for New York City’s fast-paced real estate market. Thanks to her stellar finance background and keen sense of seeing the big picture she can adeptly handle everything from individual apartment sales to multimillion-dollar investment deals.

She currently resides at 149 Bowne Rd in Sharon, CT with Nikol Solares, Jessica Levine and Rande Coleman serving as her coworkers.

Daniela is delighted to begin her career at Vidal Sassoon! She’s eager to absorb all the techniques offered and loves doing straightening treatments as well as braids and updos! Daniela can’t wait to dive into learning all there is to offer at this renowned salon!

Net Worth

Born in Sao Paulo and raised between the US, Brazil and Europe, Daniela brings an international perspective and fluency in English, French and Portuguese to her real estate clientele. Her combination of inborn financial acumen, impressive analytical skills and vision allows her to expertly manage all aspects of complex residential and investment deals large or small–making her an ideal partner for high-net-worth individuals or family offices seeking a trustworthy broker to guide them through purchasing or selling luxury properties in New York City.

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