Darius Cooks Net Worth 2022

Darius Cooks has made himself known in the culinary industry since 2008. Starting as a self-taught chef and posting recipes online via YouTube in 2008, Darius quickly garnered popularity in this arena.

He has amassed a wide following across the country. Unfortunately, some have raised issues about his business practices; as a result of unresolved consumer grievances filed with the Better Business Bureau against this Atlanta-based online chef.

Early Life and Education

Darius Cooks is an internationally acclaimed chef and social media influencer. His accomplishments in society have won him much respect, though they did not come easily; to achieve his goals he had to put in considerable hard work and dedication.

He is a self-taught chef with an extensive following on YouTube and Instagram, and runs an ecommerce website where he sells cookbooks and other cooking equipment.

Cooks has earned critical reviews from some of his followers despite his success, with accusations ranging from him stealing recipes from food bloggers and failing to deliver as promised to customers to filing complaints against him with the Better Business Bureau.

Professional Career

Darius Cooks is an award-winning, self-taught celebrity chef known for his popular YouTube and Instagram cooking videos, as well as selling high-end cookware via his website.

Recently, DariusCooks LLC’s founder has been at the center of several controversies surrounding his business practices and accusations of fraud or mishandling customer complaints. Atlanta Better Business Bureau issued a warning for DariusCooks, LLC’s company.

His candid and often harsh reviews of restaurants have angered many owners. One such incident in Miami saw an owner physically attacking him for posting negative reviews; video footage captured this event which eventually lead to police involvement in the matter.

Achievement and Honors

Darius Cooks has amassed an abundance of awards and honors due to his hard work. Now one of the world’s most renowned figures, Darius has earned many acclaims throughout his life.

Since 2008, he has embarked on his journey as a food blogger and culinary entrepreneur, reaching millions online through his recipe videos that have made him one of the most prominent faces on social media platforms.

His followers adore his cooking recipes and cookware line. They have raved about its high-quality and durability, while E-cook books available to his supporters can also be downloaded by them. His boyfriend has provided invaluable support and encouragement during his career development; together they enjoy exploring different cuisines together and are planning to open a restaurant one day soon.

Personal Life

Darius Cooks keeps his personal life private, remaining uncertain of his relationship status and family circumstances. Nonetheless, he maintains an extensive online presence through YouTube and Instagram accounts.

Self-taught chef Michael Symon’s cooking tutorials have garnered him an extensive fan base. Additionally, his cookbooks and cookware line continue to sell well.

Atlanta-based culinary entrepreneur has been warned by the Better Business Bureau after receiving multiple consumer complaints against him, yet has refused to respond or comment on these accusations.

Some of his followers have called on him to be “doxed”, which can be harmful to an individual’s physical and emotional well-being. Chef Daniel confirms his dedication and will pursue his passions without being deterred by critics who threaten their goals.

Net Worth

Darius Cooks is an esteemed food blogger and culinary entrepreneur. He shares soul food recipes online as well as sells cookbooks, T-shirts and tickets to his Dining with DariusCooks dinner series.

He has built an effective business around online cooking videos and features on Cooking for Real with Sunny Anderson; however, some followers of his have accused him of fraud.

After hearing her story of losing her husband and working two jobs to support two grandchildren through college tuition fees, a self-taught chef from Chicago started sharing recipes on YouTube as early as 2008.

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