Dave Gifts

Dave Gifts

If you know someone who loves FXX’s comedy series DAVE, this is the ideal gift. It includes everything they need to show their enthusiasm for the show – including a t-shirt and drinkware set – plus, you can even give them a Dave gift card! So don’t wait any longer – give them this amazing present today!

Early Life and Education

Dave was an artist with a knack for sculpture, design and painting. A visionary at heart, Dave loved to bring people together through his work – whether it was working in children’s ministry or creating unique ways to show his affection for family. Above all else though, Dave held true to the values of honesty and loyalty throughout their 30 year marriage to Barb.

They were so passionate about their community that they created the David and Barbara Malson Kindergarten Book Pass Through Fund at RCCF, providing $10 worth of individually selected books to each kindergarten student. To them, these gifts were the best presents they’d ever given and serve as a testament to their love for children.

Professional Career

David is an experienced finance executive with more than three decades of experience. Currently, he serves as Chairman and CEO of Moore Holdings, a privately held investment firm headquartered in Manhattan that invests in various private companies. Prior to this role, Dave served as Global Chief Executive Officer at Charles Schwab. Outside his professional responsibilities, Dave remains active within the Jewish community; serving on UJA’s Board of Directors, Finance, and Allocations Steering committees; additionally supporting organizations like City Parks Foundation and Central Synagogue among others.

Dave’s other major contribution is the largest gift in CSAS history: $7.1 million to support our varsity sports programs. This remarkable fundraising achievement is a testament to Dave’s philanthropic vision and exceptional leadership abilities.

Achievement and Honors

Dave has been actively involved in a variety of professional and community organizations throughout his career. He has served on multiple boards, both locally and regionally, demonstrating his dedication to community development and service.

He has received many honors and awards throughout the years, including in 2016 when Builders Exchange of Rochester presented him with their Craftsmanship and Lifetime Achievement Award – an organization dedicated to building a better community through construction.

David has generously given to Duke University, which he believes to be a model of excellence in higher education. His gifts have gone towards improving campus life and giving students an enhanced college experience. Furthermore, David supported Jewish Life at Duke, an initiative which fosters cultural identity and engagement among undergraduates.

Net Worth

Dave Green, the founder and chairman of Hobby Lobby, boasts a staggering net worth of $4.5 billion. He and his family own 100% of the retail giant that sells arts and crafts supplies across 520 superstores in 42 states. Furthermore, Green donates much of his wealth to evangelical causes – FORBES estimates his total donations at upwards of $500 million.

Johnny and Moira may be able to gift David a home without incurring an estate tax, but there could be additional costs involved. They might need to pay capital gains taxes on the difference between their purchase price and appraised value, or taxation could apply across the entire property if they decide to subsequently sell it.

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