Dave Gillotti

Dave Gillotti

Dave Gillotti, born in Danbury on December 8, 1974 and passed away at Danbury Hospital on January 5, 2022, is survived by his loving wife Barbara Jane Gillotti; stepchildren Jessica and Blake; as well as granddaughters Aubrey and Brinley.

David and Wendy, both retired elementary school teachers, decided it was time to “sacrifice the guilt” and enjoy life more fully. Though they enjoyed working with children and their colleagues, David and Wendy needed more free time for travel and the upkeep of their longtime Mentone home.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood education is essential for children’s growth and development. It lays the foundation for social skills, self-worth, morality and cognitive abilities.

The OECD considers healthy development in early childhood to be an important economic indicator and one of UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goals, since this period marks when children’s brains develop at their fastest rate.

Children develop essential social and cognitive skills during this period that will aid them in the future, including academic success, economic productivity, responsible citizenship, lifelong health and strong communities. These abilities are nurtured through interactions with other children, teachers and peers.

Professional Career

David Gillotti was an esteemed executive in his field. He has held leadership positions with multiple global corporations and a renowned nonprofit, earning him widespread respect for his leadership abilities.

He has earned numerous accolades and distinctions, such as being named one of CIO Magazine’s 100 Leaders for the Next Millennium. Furthermore, he is renowned for his dedication to education and the University of Arkansas.

He is the founder of nVoq, a company that offers speech recognition technology for healthcare. Previously, he served as president of KPMG in the United Kingdom. Additionally, he belongs to the Association for Financial Professionals and American Institute of Banking as well as being part of National Business Ethics Association and Society for Human Resource Management.

Achievement and Honors

Gillotti, who graduated with honors in Computer and Information Sciences from GCC, served as a student representative on the College’s Board of Trustees. In addition to his involvement on campus, he spearheaded many fundraising activities and was an enthusiastic member of GCC Phi Theta Kappa Chapter.

He was a pioneering force behind SeedMA Baby, Massachusetts’ first statewide college savings account program that will grant $50 deposits into 529 college savings accounts starting January 1, 2020. Additionally, he founded God’s Voice Ministries – a new church offering comprehensive outreach services to many diverse groups.

Personal Life

David Gillotti was a loving husband to Barbara Jane Ferris and enjoyed spending time with his stepchildren Jessica and Blake as well as grandchildren Aubrey and Brinley. Additionally, Dave was an avid motorcycle enthusiast who enjoyed classic cars, boating on Candlewood Lake, and spending time with family.

He was a selfless and generous individual who always extended a helping hand. As an inspiring teacher, his positive influence had an immense effect on many students.

After 30 years teaching in the Redlands Unified School District, he and his wife decided it was time for retirement. They looked forward to spending more time with their children while enjoying life more fully.

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