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Dave Klemic – Athletes Arbour and The Energy Lab

Dave Klemic, a Somers Point native and star athlete at Mainland High School and Northeastern University, has played in the NFL. Now his sports performance enhancement business helps athletes run faster through technology-based solutions.

In 2001, Dave Klemic upset Dante Hall to win the Chiefs’ “Fastest Man Competition” during training camp. This remarkable story continues to be told in the media today.

Early Life and Education

Klemic, a Somers Point native and former Mainland High School star in the late 1990s, was always fast. His 4.28-second 40-yard dash at the NFL Scouting combine was impressive, but he took that speed to another level by developing technologically advanced performance enhancements with physicians. Today he runs two businesses – Athletes Arbour and The Energy Lab – in Northfield and Collegeville:

Professional Career

Klemic, a Somers Point native who excelled at Northeastern University before his brief career with the Kansas City Chiefs was cut short due to injury. He had an incredible 4.28-second 40-yard dash speed and beat out former teammate Dante Hall in 2001’s “Fastest Man Competition” hosted by the Chiefs.

In 2002, Klemic suffered a compound fracture while going up for a pass while playing for the Barcelona Dragons in NFL Europe. It appeared his career might be over but thanks to Kansas City coach Tony Vermeil and the Chiefs organization, he’s back practicing with them today. Additionally, he runs Athletes Arbour camps in Northfield, NJ which have now expanded into Collegeville, PA.

Personal Life

Dave Klemic, a Somers Point native, earned his football stripes at Mainland High School and Northeastern University before joining the Chiefs for one season. Unfortunately, while going up for a pass in an NFL Europe game, he suffered a compound fracture which appeared to spell the end of his career.

Vermeil’s dedication and patience paid off when he helped Klemic return to football. He even organized for team doctor Jon Browne to fly directly to Barcelona and perform the surgery that left him with a steel rod and two screws in his leg. Since then, Klemic has created an empire through sports performance enhancement with some of Barcelona’s renowned and respected doctors.

Net Worth

David Klemic is a global social media star with over 45 million followers on YouTube and TikTok. Through his videos, David earns an impressive income which makes him one of the highest paid YouTubers worldwide.

He is a DACA Dreamer, protected from deportation due to his family’s immigration status. At six years old he moved to America with his parents and three siblings when they applied for asylum in the United States.

After graduating high school, Klemic relocated to Los Angeles. His success on YouTube propelled him to success and in 2020 his earnings reached $15 million annually.

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