Dave McCune

Dave McCune – Sculptor, Sculptor, Businessman, Actor, Model and Friend

David McCcune has had a profound effect on Sage Publishing since becoming president, providing it with an experienced management structure and streamlining its operations.

Since 1986, McCune’s company has seen remarkable growth and improved product quality.

Early Life and Education

David McCcune was renowned for his unique designs and dedication to work, even though he was self-taught. His artwork can be found in homes and businesses throughout the city, state, and beyond.

One of his most renowned works was a sculpture created for Fayetteville Tech’s 50th anniversary celebration in 2012. Consisting of fifty steel pipes, each about five feet long, it symbolized the school’s progress over its fifty-year existence.

McCune created several other monumental sculptures. He was an entrepreneur, founding McCune Technology – the company responsible for Fayetteville’s Ghost Tower which can be seen from the Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway. Additionally, he supported various local charities through his philanthropy efforts. Additionally, he enjoyed boating and fishing when younger; something which would later come in handy during construction projects!

Professional Career

McCune’s work can be found in homes, businesses and public spaces around the globe. One of his many creations is a 50-pipe sculpture which commemorated Fayetteville Tech’s 50th anniversary.

McCune Technology-Fayetteville Steel was the first tenant of Cumberland County’s new industrial park on Tom Starling Road in 1985, cutting and fabricating metal parts and equipment for businesses as well as Fort Bragg.

He is an Oncologist with a specialty in using nutrition and exercise to enhance how the body responds to cancer and treatment. A Fellow of the American College of Physicians and inductee to the Order of Military Medical Merit, his achievements have been widely recognized.

McCune was instrumental in turning Sage around and making it one of the top textbook publishers in America. Last year, Sage reported a profit of $2.8 million on sales exceeding $24 million.

Achievements and Honors

Dave McCune was a dedicated family man who deeply loved his wife Peggy. He took great joy in his children Marcus, Greg and Courtney as well. Additionally, Dave enjoyed fly fishing, music and building lifelong friendships with family members and close friends alike.

In addition to his dental practice, Dr. McCann was an active member of the community and participated in many civic activities around Pocatello. He served on the boards for the Greater Pocatello Chamber of Commerce, Delta Dental of Idaho and Bengal Foundation.

In retirement, he created a steel sculpture to commemorate Fayetteville Tech’s history and is situated outside of the Tony Rand Student Center. Additionally, he serves on the Cumberland County Workforce Development Board.

Personal Life

David McCune was a renowned sculptor, author, businessman, actor, model and entrepreneur who left an indelible mark on the world through his art, hard work, wit, philanthropy and devotion to family, friends and community.

McCune was a modern-day Renaissance Man. Always creating and inspiring, his artwork can be found in homes, businesses and public places around the globe.

His early artwork adorned sports cars during the 1970s, selling metal louvers for their rear windows. Additionally, he created and constructed Fayetteville’s Ghost Tower–a 35-foot-tall sculpture along Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway that marks the location of the former Fayetteville Arsenal.

McCune was an iconic figure in Cumberland County’s industrial park, where he founded McCune Technology. Additionally, he served on the Board of Trustees at Fayetteville Technical College and created a sculpture to mark their 50th anniversary.

Net Worth

David McCune was an entrepreneur, sculptor, author and businessman who left behind a lasting legacy in Fayetteville and beyond through his art, hard work, wit, philanthropy and friendships. At 68 years old he will be missed by those he touched through his hard work, creativity, witticisms and friendships.

He began his career with a company manufacturing louvers for sports cars, eventually running it for 44 years. In 2015, he sold his business and retired.

After retirement, he continued to create artwork, act, model, travel and most importantly spend time with family and friends.

He remained an active entrepreneur, serving on many boards and committees for decades. In 2004, he was named Cumberland County’s Entrepreneur of the Year; ran for Cumberland County Board of Commissioners; and invested in rehabbing Prince Charles Hotel downtown. Furthermore, he was involved with Fayetteville’s Ghost Tower which can be seen from Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway.

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