Dave Turin’s Lost Mine Cancelled

Dave Turin’s Lost Mine Cancelled

Dave Turin’s new show is a multi-platform spinoff of the wildly successful Gold Rush franchise. In fact, it is the third Gold Rush spinoff, after the first two were Gold Rush, and Gold Rush: The Real Deal. Fans of the original series will find a similar premise but with a more modern twist.

With the price of gold soaring, Dave Turin has been tasked with reviving failing mines. He begins his quest in Montana, where there are over three-hundred abandoned mines. However, this is a difficult task, as the state lacks the water and infrastructure necessary to wash away the dirt. Fortunately, a local miner provides some assistance.

After the success of the aforementioned aforementioned, the main investor offers Dave a long-term lease if he finds a large enough number of nuggets. However, Dave must decipher the complexities of the state’s geography in order to make a decision. Luckily for him, there are some lessons from the past to help him along.

The best way to mine gold is the old fashioned way, which involves shovels, buckets, and hard hats. But there is more to the gold-mining scene than digging up gravel.

Dave’s business partner points out a weak link in his operation. That leads to a game-changing pivot. This leads to an impressive season. His team lands the best gold-bearing ground in the lower 48. Sadly, the gold is not in enough quantities to cover the costs of mining it.

The most exciting aspect of Dave’s new gold rush is the prospect of discovering a jackpot. However, he will need to do a lot more than just sift through the mud in Montana and Nevada in search of gold.

He and his crew will have to overcome all sorts of challenges and adversity, from a major Alaskan rainstorm that threatens their camp to a gruesome landslide that could wipe them out. Additionally, they must deal with a skeleton crew. One crew member contemplates taking the opportunity to move on early. They also have to contend with a flooded Glacier Creek and dangerous wildlife.

Dave’s game-changing idea will be shown to its fullest in a new episode of GOLD RUSH: DAVE TURIN’S LOST MINE airing this Tuesday on Discovery+. For more information about the show, check out the official website or follow it on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can also learn more about Dave’s other adventures on his blog.

The “Gold Rush” has been a smash hit for the Discovery Channel. Fans can join in the conversation by using the hashtag #GoldRush on Twitter or Instagram. Also, be sure to check out the Gold Rush Facebook page. It’s an exciting and informative show that is a great addition to any television watch list.

The GOLD RUSH: DAVE TUIN’S LOST MINE season will premiere on April 5 at 10pm EST on the Discovery+ channel. Be sure to catch it on the Discovery+ channel or the Discovery app. Hopefully, it will be a memorable one!

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