Dave’s List

Dave’s List

Dave is a talented rapper who has had many ups and downs throughout his career. This list chronicles some of the major events in his life and showcases some of its major milestones.

Dave as a young boy is inspired to pursue music as a career by seeing his summer camp perform.

Early Life and Education

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Achievements and Honors

Dave is a highly-acclaimed rapper who won the 2019 Mercury Prize for his debut album Psychodrama. Additionally, it was named Album of the Year at the 2020 Brit Awards.

Dave has quickly gained notoriety, with fans including celebrities Tom Hiddleston and Jack White. Additionally, he has won four Ivor Novello awards.

Dave, a native of Brixton in south London, began his musical journey as a grime artist. His sound is dark and gritty with elements of anger and honesty woven together in catchy melodies; his lyrics have been praised for their effectiveness.

Personal Life

Dave is a rapper, singer-songwriter and actor. His hit singles have achieved international success and his debut album Psychodrama was an enormous hit.

He is known for his role as Top Boy on the Netflix show. Additionally, he has two children – a daughter and son.

Dave’s new album, We’re All Alone in This Together (2021), delves into various aspects of his life. There are tracks that address past relationships and infidelity as well as ones dealing with current difficulties.

He has also spoken out on prison reform, having a brother who served time for murder. One of his songs features that brother’s voice – featured prominently on one of the verses.

Net Worth

Rapper Dave boasts a net worth of $1.2 million. This fortune has been accrued through his successful music career and numerous endorsement deals.

He owns Comstock Auto Service, a car repair shop. Through this business, which provides engine tuning and suspension upgrades, he earns his living.

As a television personality, he has been featured on the hit series Street Outlaws since 2013. This series revolves around street racing.

His success on the show has allowed him to build an impressive social media and YouTube channel. He boasts over 1.6 million followers on Facebook and 621 thousand subscribers on Instagram.

He is also known for his charitable works and supports non-profits and causes. In 2020, he participated in a charity football match that raised more than $15 million for UNICEF.

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