Daves Wheels

Daves Wheels

Daves wheels can be used in a variety of applications. They’re great for street jibs, skatepark flow, pump-track laps and more.

They possess a high temperature capacity, meaning they can withstand prolonged use without significant wear. This makes them suitable for heavy cars competing in street, figure eight and enduro divisions where bumping and grinding is part of the action.

Early Life and Education

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Dave Sparks developed an interest in cars at a young age, and at five years old he started designing his own models. Over time he blossomed into an accomplished professional designer and entrepreneur, running his own business called Kindig-It Design. Nowadays he has his own YouTube channel, Facebook page, as well as Twitter account.

Professional Career

Dave Kindig is a car designer and the owner of Kindig-It Design, an expert in vehicle customizations and makeovers. The business offers services nationwide.

Dave Kindig’s business took off after Discovery channel started airing a show about it. This led to an enormous spike in income.

He is married to Charity Kindig and they have two children: Baylee and Drew. As a religious family, all four members hold faith in God.

Dave Kindig is an acclaimed American television personality and businessman renowned for his custom car designs. His creations have been showcased on the hit show Beyond Bitchin’ Rides.

Achievements and Honors

Dave Sparks has achieved a lot in his life. He owns Kindig-It Design, an auto customization business.

He has achieved success in his career despite not possessing a college degree. He believes that education is important, but you can learn more from experience.

His company has grown and prospered, enabling him to purchase land with the profits. Furthermore, he enjoys an enormous social media following with 2.6 million followers on Instagram alone.

He is also the proud father of three beautiful children whom he strives to raise with integrity, striving not for pretension but instead encouraging gratitude, hard work and empathy towards others. This philosophy was instilled in him during his early childhood in a poor family before embarking on his two year missionary journey.

Personal Life

Dave Sparks is a successful automobile entrepreneur and car expert. He co-created the show Diesel Brothers and has made multiple appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

He began his career as a self-taught artist designing cars. Additionally, he had great talent for street racing.

However, he never went to college. Instead, he chose to learn through real-world experience and after one semester in college he knew this was what was best for him.

He eventually founded Kindig-It Design, an iconic automotive shop that creates stunning works of art from abandoned vehicles. He has earned multiple awards such as the GM Design Award and has been featured on television programs like Bitchin’ Rides.

Net Worth

Dave Kindig is a self-taught car designer with years of experience working at various garages. His talent for designing vehicles has earned him widespread recognition among car enthusiasts worldwide, earning him recognition for his designs.

He began as a hobby, but soon realized his passion could become his full-time profession. So he launched Kindig It Design and quickly gained notoriety for his designs.

His business took off, and he soon had the chance to work on a popular television show. This marked the beginning of his successful career and increased his net worth significantly.

Diesel Dave is one of the stars on Discovery Channel’s reality show, Diesel Brothers. Despite recently facing a large restitution fine, he continues to generate income from his appearances on the show as well as sales of Diesel Brothers merchandise online.

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