David Apollo

David Apollo

Michelangelo’s David-Apollo is a 1.46 m marble sculpture that dates from around 1530 and is considered a masterpiece by many scholars.

Though originally commissioned for Baccio Valori, the papal governor of Florence, it was never completed. Nonetheless, its image still serves as a powerful reminder of David’s biblical feat as an act of resistance against oppression.

Early Life and Education

Greek mythology places Apollo at the helm of wisdom and light. He was the ancestor of all Olympian gods, succeeding Helios as the original sun god.

In ancient times, Apollo was revered as a “healer”, and he had an association with Paean the magician, who had an ancient “holy magic-song” which could cure people of diseases.

He was revered as a god of science, learning and philosophy. He was renowned for his reasoned logic, moderation and wisdom.

When Apollo was a young man, he sought to eliminate Python, the snake sent by Hera to chase after his mother. In the end, Apollo triumphed and adopted Delphi as his home. He went on to become father to Asklepios – god of medicine – and Hygeia – goddess of health and hygiene.

Professional Career

David-apollo’s professional career has included collaborations with numerous companies and organizations. Additionally, he has spearheaded private investments across technology, media, gaming, and hospitality sectors.

As a financial professional, david-apollo has always prioritized hard work and learning new things. Additionally, he desired to form relationships with others.

However, he began to feel as if he were neglecting other aspects of himself. He struggled to find balance between work and life.

David believes it is not only essential to possess technical proficiency, but also an inquisitive spirit. This trait serves as a cornerstone for discovering things you might otherwise overlook.

Achievements and Honors

David-apollo’s career, spanning more than three decades, has yielded many notable accomplishments and earned him numerous honors. He served on various NASA panels and commissions and is an honorary member of both the Air Force Association and National Space Society.

He is an esteemed author and speaker on Apollo program-related topics. He has been interviewed on radio and television shows as well as in numerous articles.

David-apollo studied fine art at Central Saint Martins in London as a young man, recalling it as an intellectually stimulating time where he was encouraged to develop his own style and voice.

Personal Life

Apollo is a Greek god renowned for his mystical powers. He often appears nude, wearing a laurel crown and wielding both a bow and arrow.

His arrows could dispatch a variety of creatures, such as pythons and giants. Additionally, he was known to drink Ambrosia – an immortality drink that transformed him into an attractive man.

Apollo had a major flaw: love. He had an uncontrollable urge to fall in love with any woman that crossed his path.

Apollo ultimately defeated the python and rose to become a god, becoming famous in Greek mythology for both his ability to kill monsters and musical abilities. Additionally, he was known as an benevolent deity who always provided his servants with food and shelter.

Net Worth

Apollo is an internationally-renowned singer-songwriter. He began releasing music online in 2016, followed by his first EP entitled Stereo which was released the following year in 2018.

Apollo loves singing and playing guitar. He has collaborated with various artists, such as Spanish artist C. Tangana on Te Olvidaste which earned a Latin Grammy nomination.

David-apollo’s success in music has resulted in a relatively modest net worth. He owns shares of FTX, an exchange for cryptocurrency derivatives, and Alameda Research – a quantitative crypto trading company.

The MIT graduate owns a stake in Susquehanna International Group, a major options trading firm. This firm traded 1.8 billion stock options contracts during 2020.

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