David Asis

David Asis – A Well-Known American Actor

David Asis is an international lawyer and currently a partner at Dentons US LLP.

He is also an accomplished writer, having penned articles for esteemed websites and magazines such as Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and NY Times.

David is a renowned writer who has published over 40 essays in The New Yorker magazine. Additionally, he has contributed to multiple segments of This American Life.

Early Life and Education

David Assis was born on June 3rd, 1988 in Harlem, New York and raised with his parents and sister.

He is an outstanding high school athlete and hopes to play football for his dream college. Additionally, he enjoys reading books and playing basketball.

David Asis had difficulty staying focused in school during his early years. Additionally, he suffered from attention deficit disorder (ADD) throughout his childhood years.

Thankfully, his family was provided assistance from the county’s Early Steps program to get him on track. This initiative proved extremely beneficial as it paid for many of the costly therapies necessary for him to acquire new skills.

Professional Career

David Asis is a scientist based in Brooklyn, America. He founded Redesign Science with his partner and also develops drugs.

His net worth is believed to be approximately $2M. He supports his wife Ilana, an actress and comedian, through their career.

As a result, the two live happily together. They enjoy going to movies together and supporting each other’s career endeavors.

David has been an integral member of his community, supporting organizations associated with legal practice. As a board member of the Endowment for Equal Justice (EEJ), he helped set up its endowment fund which is currently near $20 million. Furthermore, David served on the American Bar Association and several board of directors.

Achievements and Honors

David was an outstanding scholar and student leader. His academic accomplishments earned him a place among the top three percent of his graduating class, as well as numerous honors in recognition of his impressive academic success.

He was an active community leader and participated in many charitable endeavors. A member of the Knightdale Lion’s Club, he served as lector at Saint Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church.

He also served in the United States Army as a paratrooper and was tragically killed during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Buried with so many other fallen heroes at Arlington National Cemetery, he will always remain an inspiration to all.

Personal Life

David Assis is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry. He’s both an accomplished stuntman and celebrated actor.

He was born and raised in America. Married, he has two daughters as well as a granddaughter.

Speaking about his personal life, he is a dedicated family man who always makes time for those closest to him. He enjoys spending quality time with his wife and they are contented together.

David has been a Christian minister since childhood. His passion for music has seen him involved in several ministries throughout his life. Additionally, David is an accomplished singer who has performed at numerous events over the course of his career.

Net Worth

David Assis is an acclaimed American actor who earned a substantial net worth through his successful career. His roles in numerous popular movies and TV shows earned him considerable money over time.

He’s renowned for his social media videos and has amassed a substantial online following, earning money through advertisements on YouTube. With such an expansive fan base, it’s no wonder why he enjoys such success online.

He makes money through advertising campaigns on Instagram, earning between $185 and $300 for each ad post.

He is married to Evelyn Leigh and they have one child. In 2014, he tied the knot with Evelyn for good.

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