David Barthold

Artist and Teacher David Barthold

David Barthold is an acclaimed American artist who has been practicing printmaking for over three decades. He received his training in printmaking at Oberlin College and with Stanley William Hayter in Paris.

He teaches printmaking at Union Square Academy HS in Manhattan and the Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Brooklyn, as well as engaging in other mediums such as painting, sculpture and installation.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood is an incredibly important period in a child’s development, when they begin to acquire language and social skills as well as academic readiness. Furthermore, this period sees children becoming dependent on their parents, caregivers and others for assistance in various ways.

Teachers are essential during this period for helping children recognize their abilities and grow into healthy, content individuals. Not only do they impart basic reading, writing and math skills to students; but also impart fundamental ideas from science, history and culture.

Early childhood education should ensure that every child is prepared for school and has the necessary tools to be successful in life. As such, UNESCO, OECD and other international organizations recognize high-quality early childhood education as a key economic indicator.

Professional Career

David Barthold is currently on the faculty at New York City College of Technology and a proud New Yorker at heart. After working in various trades during his formative years, he has gained invaluable expertise about craftsmanship – and does it with style and panache! David is a highly motivated high school teacher who takes his job seriously. Renowned for his ability to engage and educate his students, David is one of the most beloved professors on campus. He holds a number of impressive awards, such as “Associate Teacher of the Year,” for his teaching abilities. Although working long hours is sometimes challenging, David manages to achieve an effective work-life balance.

Achievement and Honors

David Barthold is a part Norwegian, part New York City artist renowned for his attention to detail. His works range from meticulous portraits of family members and friends to quicksilver sketches of strangers on the streets of NYC. His most recent show “paintings, drawings and prints” curated by Elfi Von Kantzow Alvin is currently on display at the American Scandinavian Society until March 26th.

David has earned himself a place of honor as an outstanding sales associate for Coldwell Banker Real Estate, earning multiple recognitions for his community involvement and innovation. Most notably, however, is his use of technology to create a 3D model of his client’s home that he can present personally – known as augmented reality or AR – an innovation revolutionizing the real estate industry.

Personal Life

David Barthold has been a printmaker since his teenage years. He began by studying printmaking with Ruth Leaf at her Queens storefront studio, followed by further training in engraving with Stanley William Hayter in Paris.

After 30 years away, he returned to printmaking in 2011. His work has been widely exhibited and can be found in museums and private collections across the US, with teaching experience at Union Square Academy HS in Manhattan and The Center for Contemporary Printmaking.

He is a practicing civil litigator. For many years he served as director of litigation at Arthur, Dry, Kalish, Taylor and Wood in New York before opening his own practice. Survived by his wife Dorothy; they have three children named Charles, David and Nancy; they reside in Brooklyn, NY.

Net Worth

David Barthold had an estimated net worth of $7.69 million as of 5 May 2021, according to his Form 4 filed with the SEC. He owns 27,242 shares of Artivion Inc stock and has traded it on 23 occasions since 2004, on average purchasing and selling 91,700 shares annually. You can view David’s Artivion stock insider trading history by clicking on the Insider Trading Tracker table below; his most recent trade occurred on 8 December 2021.

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