David Bash

David Bash – The Founder of the International Pop Overthrow Festival

David Bash, founder of the International Pop Overthrow (IPO) festival, understands how important it can be for emerging artists to have a platform at such events. With events now taking place annually in 16 different cities worldwide, IPO has become an invaluable platform for budding talent.

This July, IPO will make its San Diego debut at Black Cat Bar from Friday and Saturday, July 8-9. Featuring 11 of San Diego’s jangly, tuneful rock ‘n’ roll purveyors with power-pop influences.

Early Life and Education

Dana Bash was born in Manhattan, New York City on June 15th 1971 and is an accomplished American journalist and anchorwoman. She has worked for various channels such as CNN, NBC and CBS.

She currently serves as the political correspondent for CNN and also produces several of their weekend shows such as Evans & Novak, Late Edition and Inside Politics.

She enjoys writing music reviews and articles for publications like Yellow Pills, Audities and Discoveries. Additionally, she has performed at several music festivals such as the International Pop Overthrow festival.

Professional Career

David Bash has extensive professional experience, having held various managerial and promotional roles. Additionally, he speaks on leadership team building, humor and health topics with expertise.

He has an established career in the entertainment industry, performing and recording music at numerous venues around Chicago for many years. He has earned awards for his efforts and even toured internationally.

Bash has spent much of his career working within the entertainment industry, but he also loves writing about pop music. He’s written for Yellow Pills, Audities and Discoveries magazines as well as liner notes for many reissue CDs. In addition, Bash served as President and CEO of International Pop Overthrow Festival – a global music festival held annually across 16 cities around the world.

Achievement and Honors

David Bash has made a name for himself in the industry and earned several honors along the way. One of the most noteworthy is BASH (Broadcast Awards for Senior High), an inaugural award that honors student broadcast journalism and video production by providing them with a platform to display their work as well as opportunities to learn from industry veterans.

This event is unique in that it’s open to all Long Island high school and college students in journalism and media programs. It provides them with a platform to showcase their talent while encouraging them to develop further their craft. Special recognition should go out to Stony Brook University for creating such an outstanding committee and delivering such an excellent program.

Personal Life

David Bash is a passionate pop music enthusiast and long-time supporter of the International Pop Overthrow festival. As part of his involvement in the pop music community, David writes reviews for several fanzines as well as articles on the International Pop Overthrow website.

Dana Bash’s son still insists on wearing the Star of David despite living in an increasingly anti-Semitic society, according to an essay posted on CNN’s website. She notes that wearing this symbol allows him to show his pride for his religion and express it openly.

As a former journalist, Bash understands the power of stories. They provide context for understanding how something came to be and give people insight into how they can get involved. Stories provide people with a voice.

Net Worth

David Bash is a renowned social media expert who has amassed an impressive fortune through his work. Throughout the years, David has provided valuable advice and assistance to entrepreneurs on growing their businesses through various platforms.

He is a renowned author, motivational speaker and financial advisor who has inspired millions to achieve their goals and serves as an inspirational role model for many.

He is renowned for his bestselling books on personal finance, such as The Automatic Millionaire and Smart Women Finish Rich. Additionally, he founded Finish Rich Media – a company that provides actionable content and inspiration to help people lead an abundant life.

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