David Berley

David Berley – A Lifelong New Yorker

David Berley is the Chairman and CEO of Walter & Samuels, a premier New York City real estate firm. With an extensive career in real estate, he’s renowned for his creative deal-making and ability to create value.

Berley, an innovator in the residential-to-commercial conversion business, has seen his long-term strategy bear fruit many times over. But with property prices surging, he’s now shifting focus to closing retail condominium deals at a rapid clip.

Early Life and Education

David Berley was born around 1940 in Brooklyn, New York to Samuel and Bess Berley. He has two siblings: Noah Berley and Minna Berley.

David Berley was a decorated Navy officer and hero during World War II for saving the lives of thousands of American servicemen. He earned four Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart in recognition for his heroic deed.

Today, he serves as owner and CEO of Walter & Samuels, a real estate firm in Manhattan. With over half a century of experience in the industry, and hundreds of deals completed under his belt, Walter & Samuels is renowned for its expert eye for buildings and astute business acumen.

Professional Career

David Berley has over half a century of expertise in the real estate industry. Throughout his career, he has constantly innovated when it comes to converting commercial buildings into residential units – an approach which has proven profitable for him repeatedly.

He brings with him a wide range of professional experience, having served as an investment banker, financial consultant and lawyer. This gives him an in-depth comprehension of what motivates vendors and buyers alike; this insight allows him to create value for his clients.

Berkeley shares his love of music with others, releasing four studio albums and one live album under the Straw Man label. His music is marked by intricate lyrics about personal topics, intricate song construction, and shifting chord patterns.

Achievements and Honors

David Berley was a legendary New York real estate titan with over four decades of industry expertise and an impressive list of awards to his name. Additionally, he had an inclination towards philanthropy, contributing generously to various causes throughout his lifetime.

David was renowned for his creative property development and leasing strategies, such as the successful condo conversion in Manhattan’s posh West Village. As an early adopter of high-tech commercial real estate marketing, this skill paid off handsomely when it came to his company’s latest endeavor: a multi-level marketing program which sold several luxury condominiums on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. What set this program apart was its unique syncing mechanism which enabled residents to access their apartment records and other information from smartphones or other mobile devices.

Personal Life

David Berley is an American businessman born in Pennsylvania. He professes to be of Christian faith.

He currently has a net worth of approximately $3-4 million USD as of 2020.

David is married and the proud papa of two daughters.

Despite his hectic professional life, he still finds time for his family. He and his wife are raising their two daughters together.

David is a veteran real estate broker with over half a century of experience. His company, Walter & Samuels, is renowned for its creative and aggressive real estate approach.

Net Worth

David Berley is a renowned real estate investor with an unwavering eye for buildings. Through his leadership at Walter & Samuels, David has built one of Manhattan’s premier commercial real estate firms.

Over the past three years, Berley has invested in several high-profile retail properties in New York City. These include 316 Bowery and 119 Fulton Street; he also joined forces with SL Green to purchase 719 Seventh Avenue near Times Square. At 83 years old, his investment strategy has shifted from commercial property to retail assets; his establishments are filled with high-end restaurants. Furthermore, he owns a $10 million Miami Beach condo.

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