David Bettner

David Bettner

David Bettner is a Swedish comedian renowned for his offensive humor. He has released four comedy DVDs and guested on various Swedish television shows.

In December, Betner was found guilty of deceiving six investors out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. As a felon with prior felony convictions for forgery and theft, he told them he was creating a social media app which would be purchased by Facebook for hundreds of millions.

Early Life and Education

Betner was born in Rochester, New York in 1878 and received his education there through local schools. There he developed an interest in printing and began practicing his trade shortly thereafter.

In 1927, he purchased the old Lobb planing mill in Devon and started his own paper bag manufacturing business. Later, he acquired two bag machines and a printing press from Thomas M. Royal & Co.

He then hired four men from the Royal organization to operate the bag machines: Antonio Travaglini, Fred Wellman, Thomas Falcone and Rinaldo “Jimmy” Rossi.

For over 65 years, The Betner Company has been established at its present location between Lancaster and Grove avenues in Devon, renowned for its quality and extensive range of bag products.

Professional Career

David Betner is an award-winning journalist and radio professor at Columbia College Chicago who has been a pillar in broadcast journalism for more than four decades. Throughout his career, he has held various roles such as reporter, news director, anchor and talk show host – to name just a few!

He was recently found guilty of defrauding six people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars for the creation of a social media app he claimed to have designed. Investigation revealed that he used the money for personal expenses and failed to inform investors that he had a felony history in forgery and theft. As punishment, he received 12 years in prison and will likely need to pay restitution to his seven victims. To avoid becoming victimized by social media apps in future, check with your Secretary of State first to make sure any business or person you’re dealing with is legally registered.

Achievements and Honors

David has been a journalist, broadcaster and writer for more than forty years. He served as Writer-in-Residence at both the Jack Kerouac Project in Orlando and Ernest Hemingway Birthplace Home in Oak Park, Illinois.

He has received awards from both the Society of Midland Authors and Chicago Writers Association, in addition to his regular contributions to CBS Radio Network and public radio stations across America.

Betner was found guilty of multiple felonies in November for soliciting $383,000 from seven individuals to fund Darepoint, LLC – a company he claimed was designing a social media app. Investigations revealed that Betner used the money for personal expenses and failed to inform investors about his prior convictions for forgery and theft.

Personal Life

David Betner is a Swedish comedian and social critic renowned for his controversial views on race, sex, and religion.

He is a political commentator and television host who specializes in social and political issues such as feminism and liberalism.

Court documents reveal that Betner had solicited $383,000 in investments from seven people in Indiana, then used the money for personal expenses. Unfortunately, these investors weren’t aware that Betner had been convicted of forgery and theft.

In addition to his 12-year prison sentence, Betner was ordered to pay restitution totalling $386,470 to seven victims. To prevent similar scams in the future, Indiana Secretary of State Holly Sullivan urges Hoosiers to verify whether any business or person seeking investment is legally registered.

Net Worth

David Betner has achieved true riches through his business empire. Owning insurance sales firm PHP Agency Inc. and Valuetainment Media LLC have contributed significantly to his large net worth.

Net worth is the total of all of your assets minus all liabilities. Assets include cash, savings accounts, investments, and real estate while liabilities refer to debts like credit cards or student loans.

A positive net worth is beneficial, as it indicates you have more money than what you owe. This gives you more discretionary spending power. Conversely, a negative net worth could indicate significant debt that needs to be cleared off.

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