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Artist Profile – David Buttram

David Buttram’s paintings capture the energy, struggle and beauty of urban life. Drawing inspiration from master artists such as Van Gough, Rembrandt and O’Tanner, Buttram depicts natural and man-made objects with vivid combinations of light, shadows, reflections and color.

Buttram’s work has been showcased across Northeast Ohio and the Midwest, including The Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland State Art Gallery, Karamu House in Cleveland and Kettering Government Center.

Early Life and Education

David Buttram began his art career as a child, drawing cartoons and experimenting with colors. He went on to attend Cooper School of Art and the Cleveland Institute of Art before earning a Masters degree at Kent State University.

At present, he paints oil paintings of Cleveland, Ohio with a passion for capturing the inner city in a positive light and using light, shadow and color to bring his subject alive. He uses photography as reference point before sketching a working sketch before beginning to paint with oil paint that often includes glazes for added effect. His artwork has been displayed throughout Northeast Ohio and beyond including The Cleveland Institute of Art, Karamu House in Cleveland and Kettering Government Center in Kettering, Ohio.

Professional Career

David Buttram is a Cleveland artist whose passion is to showcase the inner city in an inspirational light. Through his paintings, David hopes to inspire Clevelanders with hope for their futures here.

His work draws inspiration from the masters of the past, such as Van Gough and Rembrandt. Buttram uses light, shadow, reflections and colors to capture human emotions in his paintings.

His artwork has been showcased in a variety of locations throughout Northeast Ohio and the Midwest, such as The Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland State Art Gallery, Karamu House in Cleveland, Kettering Government Center and Ohio Governor’s Mansion in Columbus. Additionally he was recently featured at Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago, Illinois.

Achievement and Honors

David Buttram is a Cleveland artist renowned for his stunning paintings. He has displayed his artwork in many public venues throughout Northeast Ohio as well as across the Midwest.

He has also been recognized for his accomplishments through a variety of awards. Most recently, ORNL’s annual Awards Night in May recognized him as one of the top achievers at DOE’s Oak Ridge site.

He was recognized as one of ORNL’s top performers in their most recent performance review, earning him the title of Outstanding Employee of the Year. Furthermore, his group ranking among ORNL’s operations was among the top three for all employees.

Personal Life

David Buttram is a renowned artist based in Cleveland, Ohio. He paints from his studio and draws inspiration from great masters such as Van Gough, Rembrandt and O’Tanner to create artwork of exceptional quality.

He is a graduate of Cooper Art School and The Cleveland Institute of Art, as well as holding a Masters degree from Kent State University.

While serving in the military, Buttram developed a spiritual base which has profoundly impacted his artwork. After serving 13 months in Vietnam, he returned home and began painting again.

Net Worth

David Buttram is an artist whose artwork has been shown throughout Northeast Ohio and the Midwest. Previously employed as an art teacher, he is now retired.

Buttram was born on June 19, 1915 in Addison, Alabama and currently boasts a net worth of $5 million dollars.

He is best known as the Western actor and comedic sidekick to Gene Autry, whose voice was featured in the 1981 animated film The Fox and the Hound.

Buttram was married to Sheila Ryan (m. 1952-1975) and Dorothy McFadden (m. 1936-1946).

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