David Carlone

David Carlone: A Lifetime of Inquiry and Problem-Solving

David Carlone is an assistant professor of communication studies at The University of North Carolina in Greensboro. His scholarly interests lie at the intersection of organizational studies, management discourse, identity and subjectivity, communication theory, as well as social and cultural theory.

Davide Carlone Agricola has deep family traditions that date back to the 1880s. Its story tells of three centuries of passion: trusting grapes, supporting nature’s work and limiting human intervention.

Early Life and Education

David Carlone made a lasting impact on young minds as an inspiring educator. His innovative classroom techniques promoted inquiry and problem-solving in an age of memorization and rote learning, creating lasting impressions.

David, a lifelong resident of Waterbury and proud alumnus of Crosby High School where he excelled as an athlete, was married to Beverly and proud father to their three sons Daniel, Michael and Joseph who grew up on Washington Valley Road in Randolph, N.J. The couple resided there for 13 years before moving to their current residence two years ago.

One of his favorite pastimes was running a marathon in less than three hours. As an avid runner himself, he and his wife took pleasure in completing such an endeavor together.

Professional Career

Carlone began his career as a winemaker in Boca del Garda, where he replanted vineyards that had been lost to forest fires. Over time, his precision work and attentive care of his vineyards earned him widespread fame throughout the region.

His vineyards are meticulously manicured to a sculptural shape. His winemaking philosophy rests on the idea that healthy grapes make great wines, so he takes great care to guarantee they remain in peak condition.

He has collaborated with world-renowned wine enologist Cristiano Garella, and their work is revolutionizing Italy’s wine industry. Their wines are remarkably precise and expressive of their terroir; they have earned numerous awards and set an example for other appellations in the area.

Personal Life

David Carlone dedicated his life to learning and imparting it on others. As an elementary, middle school and college teacher, his pioneering spirit created stimulating learning environments for students. In an age of rote learning, he promoted inquiry-based problem-solving. Furthermore, GE Scholars Program was established by David Carlone to encourage students from diverse backgrounds to pursue higher education opportunities.

He gave up his daily commute from Randolph, N.J. to New York City once his children started playing sports and it became impossible for him to balance a full-time job with their schedules. Additionally, he ran 20 marathons all under three hours; additionally, he coached his boys’ soccer, baseball and football teams throughout the years. Survived by his wife Beverly, he is survived by many family members including:

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