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David Dobrik Is Being Sued For $10 Million Over A YouTube Stunt

YouTube millionaire David Dobrik is being sued by a man named Jeff Wittek. The stunt video was filmed in 2020. The man sustained injuries while filming the video and is now suing the company for $10 million. The video shows a man shooting a water pistol at another person when the gun malfunctions. The video is going viral on TikTok. The lawsuit has gained the attention of people all over the world and is set to be sold out within the next few weeks.

The accident is also causing a backlash. Dobrik’s stunt caused serious injuries to Wittek, who was a member of his Vlog Squad. They went to Utah to participate in Dobrik’s “social-media comeback.” Wittek claims he was injured due to Dobrik’s stunt. The vlogger claims that he broke his arm, fractured his leg, and suffered other serious injuries in the accident.

Despite his recent apology, Dobrik continues to draw attention to his alleged actions. In a recent video, Dobrik was seen crying and showing his true emotions about the allegations. In fact, his video has over 18,900 subscribers. Dobrik took his own video of the incident and plans on showing the public that he is changing his ways.

Dobrik is also known for his extravagant living spaces. His home features a 300-bottle wine room, which he can access only with his fingerprint. He also has a huge bed and a life-size Iron Man replica. He also has a tequila-bar, which is stocked full of Tesla tequila. It took six months to complete the property.

David Dobrik also designed a water gun that shoots water in such a way as to make enemies flee. The SpyraOne water gun can kill up to 24 people at once. The gun’s single-shot technology allows it to be refilled within 12 seconds, and the Power Shot allows for the highest range and precision. The video has gained millions of views, and even a few orders.

YouTuber David Dobrik has a new video on YouTube. He has more than 18 million subscribers. He has been fighting a mysterious eye disease. His videos are often humorous and he shares his experiences with viewers. He has had to be injured in the past but he has grown his following. He tries to use his YouTube channel to spread positive messages to his followers.

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