David Epner

David Epner – The Rainmaker

David Epner, President of Epner Technology, is one of the most successful and esteemed figures in electroplating. His practical advice helps his audiences use technology to achieve success with their businesses.

Epner Technology began as a jewelry plater in 1910 and has since blossomed into an advanced electroplating company that specializes in specification electroplating. They’ve plated parts for NASA, major aerospace firms, artists, machine shops, contract manufacturers and jewelers alike.

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Professional Career

David Epner is the president of Epner Technology, a high-tech engineering and specification plating company headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. They plate difficult metal substrates like molybdenum and titanium as well as engineering plastics like Ultem, Ryton and Teflon Torlon.

After his father’s passing, Gerald Cohan-Epner was left to run the family business: Cohan-Epner. Founded in 1910 as a jewelry repair shop, plating soon became its mainstay.

They then developed Laser Gold, which has since become the NIST standard for gold reflectance. This hard, pure electrochemically deposited gold coating is both reflective and difficult to remove.

Achievement and Honors

Epner Technology has been around for over a century and is renowned for its engineering and specification plating, particularly the Laser Gold infrared reflective coating. Additionally, they have always remained at the cutting-edge of technology with their patented infrared emitting microchip.

David Epner was no stranger to awards or accolades; he was an esteemed member of the community who loved sharing his knowledge and wisdom. His wry humor and warm personality made him popular throughout Brooklyn’s community and beyond. A true gentleman, David held dear his family and friends in high regard, while his generosity marked every day of life. With many talents including sailing, fine art and music under his belt – unfortunately on April 30th at 89 years old after a courageous battle with cancer.

Personal Life

David Epner is a well-known figure in the electroplating industry, affectionately known as “the rainmaker” for his ability to keep his business running smoothly. Additionally, he has an abiding passion for sailing, art and music.

Cohan-Epner, founded in 1910 with his brother-in-law Emanuel Cohan, began as a jewelry repair shop but quickly added plating services as an accidental byproduct. What started out as an accidental part of their business became their mainstay.

One of their most successful clients was NASA, who awarded them gold for some of the earliest microwave radar systems used in Columbia University’s radiation laboratories. This technology remains in use today.

Net Worth

David Epner is an attorney based out of Barberton, Ohio and a member of Rottenberg Lipman Rich, PC. He has extensive legal experience and his net worth is estimated to be $50-74K. As well as being a father to two sons, his professional interests also extend to writing commentary about lawsuits for Substack, CNBC and many other major news outlets such as Johnny Depp’s case, Ghislaine Maxwell’s and Phil Mickelson’s. Lastly but certainly not least his passions include sailing and music – something his family remembers about him!

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