David Figueroa

David Figueroa

David Figueroa is a businessman who believes that with the right support, ex-offenders can successfully integrate back into society. Through Second Chance Renovations, he employs and empowers convicted felons who are ready to return to employment.

Figueroa was found guilty of attempted murder and active participation in a criminal street gang. He contends that the admission of gang evidence led to “prejudicial spillover” and violated his due process rights.

Early Life and Education

David Figueroa has made a name for himself in education, despite being born with cerebral palsy. A former athlete and now middle school teacher, his accomplishments speak volumes.

He also has a knack for writing, which he puts to good use in children’s books. One recent title, El Oz, pays homage to The Wizard of Oz while also including some Latino touches in its DNA.

Though his book doesn’t come with a price tag, you can find it at several local book stores and online. La Quinta resident Mike is currently working on his third book and you can read more about his journey at his blog – link provided below. It’s the best way to gain insight into this fascinating individual.

Professional Career

David Figueroa is a businessman with an interest in working with ex-offenders. Through his company Second Chance Renovations, he employs and empowers convicted felons who are ready to reintegrate society.

He was born in Puerto Rico and earned his degree from the School of Fine Arts in San Juan with a major in sculpture. An award-winning student, Magna Cum Laude’s work was featured at Ponce Art Museum – one of the top Caribbean art museums.

In 2000, Figueroa was employed by the City as a police officer. On December 6th,2000 he was cited for conduct unbecoming of public servant and chronic inefficiency or incompetency – in violation of City rules and regulations.

Achievements and Honors

Figueroa’s sculptures often convey power and restraint through minimalist combinations of wood, steel and bronze.

He has created large-scale sculptures that evoke The Wizard of Oz. His work has been showcased in numerous galleries and museums worldwide.

David Damian Figueroa has earned numerous accolades and honors for his artistic endeavors. Most recently, Farmworker Justice presented him with the Dolores Huerta Award in recognition of his efforts to improve farm workers’ lives.

Figueroa was the Director of Public Relations and Creative Marketing at MALDEF, responsible for developing national fundraising events, connecting the organization with media to raise its profile, as well as championing MALDEF’s landmark lawsuits. He is the first openly gay Latino executive at MALDEF and the first Latino Latino director at AARP.

Personal Life

David Figueroa has a deep commitment to philanthropy and advocacy work. His extensive network of contacts includes diverse populations, community leaders, as well as corporations.

He began his career with the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) in 1998 as Director of Public Relations and Creative Marketing. During this period, he created national fundraising events and benefits, built relationships with media to raise MALDEF’s public profile, and shared news of landmark lawsuits.

He hopes to eventually transform Second Chance Renovations into a support system for ex-offenders. He has secured bank backing for this venture and continues to seek assistance as he further develops it.

Net Worth

David Figueroa boasts a net worth of $1.5 million dollars, earned through his career as a politician.

He was born on July 6 1970 in Agua Prieta, Mexico.

His career included serving as Deputy of the LX Legislature of the Mexican Congress representing Sonora, Mexico; he also held appointments as Mexican Consul in San Jose, California and Los Angeles, California.

Politician He has earned numerous accolades, including the Mexican Government’s Presidential Recognition Award for Outstanding Contribution to Mexico.

His personal life consists of his marriage to Angelica Figueroa. Together they have two children: Alexis (daughter) and Jonathan (son). The family resides at 18 Hillside Ave in West Haverstraw, NY 10993 where he resides with his family.

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