David Granville

David Granville

David Granville is an experienced and conscientious real estate professional who prioritizes his clients’ needs. He takes pleasure in helping customers buy or sell property.

In the early 1800s, settlers from Massachusetts and Connecticut searched for new land to settle on. They purchased parcels of land in Ohio as they sought out a better quality of life.

Early Life and Education

David Granville dedicated his life to ensuring the educational success of children. He was passionate about this matter and dedicated himself to research and writing on the topic.

David Granville had a wide-ranging passion for education, but also an interest in history. He published several books on the topic and actively promoted the preservation of historical records.

He was an advocate of close observation as a key method in identifying and developing children’s learning. As such, his legacy lives on today.

Professional Career

David Granville’s professional career was largely dedicated to education, particularly administration and leadership roles. This field was furthered by his interest in history which he showed through publications and active support of historical studies of education.

He served on the National Advisory Body for Public Sector Higher Education from 1983-1985 and was awarded an OBE in 1985 for his services to education. Additionally, he played a significant role in shaping educational policy within Australia’s Capital Territory by chairing the Ministerial Committee on College Proposals from 1971-2.

He is currently the Managing Partner of Fragomen (Canada) Co.’s Toronto office and heads its private client practice. In this capacity, he collaborates with general counsel, Human Resources professionals and internal mobility teams on policies related to recruitment, retention and immigration obligations.

Achievement and Honors

David has achieved a great deal in his life. He is an acclaimed professional actor, writer, entrepreneur and social activist.

He is an incredibly successful real estate agent. He has mastered negotiation and communication, while having a strong people-first approach.

At Queen’s University’s annual dinner this past weekend, Chancellor Jim Leech and Principal Daniel Woolf presented him with a Distinguished Service Award in recognition of his many years of service to the college.

Personal Life

David Granville is married and the proud father of a daughter. He also works as an actor and writer.

He is an active political activist. A member of both the Democratic Party and Independent candidate in local elections, his positions reflect this dual commitment.

After graduating college, he became a firefighter and earned himself a life saving award during his time in the SC fire academy. Subsequently, he started an extremely successful landscape company.

He loved fishing and playing hockey in his free time, as well as barbecuing on weekends and watching sports on TV. A hard worker, he and his wife Dorothy managed their finances carefully; they were proud to purchase their home on Alma Street in 1954. Survived by their children and grandchildren, the couple is survived by those they left behind.

Net Worth

David Janet is an American business personality and executive producer for his husband Dave Rubin’s talk show “The Rubin Report”.

He is an individual of pure white Christian faith with a net worth of $3-4 million USD (as of 2020).

David is a successful businessman with an impressive net worth. He has worked for Sirius XM Radio Inc., TYT Network, RYOT and Ora TV stations.

He is also a member of Voices of Freedom Initiative and sits on their education committee. A classical liberal, his beliefs encompass freedom and equality.

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