David Hallowell

David Hallowell

David Hallowell is a medical professional with an impressive education background. He serves as co-PI on two AMA Accelerating Change in Medical Education grants and holds faculty status at Muhlenberg College.

He has an extensive background in health justice, curriculum design and health systems science. As the author of 20 books and numerous articles related to these topics, his expertise is well-established.

Early Life and Education

David Hallowell was born in Los Angeles, California to a father who dedicated himself to his career and rarely had time for him. As such, David experienced much hardship growing up.

He attended a private school and displayed remarkable intelligence. He was highly motivated and had an ardent drive for perfection.

After graduating, he decided to follow his dream of joining the UNSC Marine Corps. Passing his military exams with an impressive score, he became an ODST soldier in 2552.

He later joined the Spartan-IV program and was accepted into LEGION. During his tenure, he was sent on various missions and engaged in some battles.

Professional Career

David Hallowell is an esteemed academic and expert at professional etiquette and social engineering. Among his many accolades, one of the most noteworthy is his role as Senior Associate Dean for Student Services at UC Santa Barbara’s Gevirtz School of Communications. He is also a faculty member at Columbia University’s esteemed Center for Media and Public Understanding, where he helps to cultivate an atmosphere of innovation and scholarship. His job is the most fulfilling aspect of his profession, as he gets to interact with students one-on-one and learn about their individual needs, wants and preferences. A true fanatic, he takes immense satisfaction in knowing that he has played an essential role in each student’s journey towards success.

Achievement and Honors

David Hallowell was not only the top of his class at Muhlenberg but an active member in his community. He served as officer at Gardiner Elks Lodge and enjoyed golfing, poker and darts competitions with great enthusiasm. A true Maineman with a big heart and quirky sense of humor, David was also a loyal friend and loving family man. Survived by Lisa his wife of 14 years; brothers Charles and Shirley Berry; cousins galore – David will long be remembered for being kind and generous person who made life better for many through kindness and generosity – messages can be sent to Hallowell Funeral Home Box 317 in Hallowell ME 04044 or Facebook tributes can be left for him here.

Personal Life

David Hallowell is an author and speaker whose books have revolutionized ADHD awareness. He’s been featured on 20/20, 60 Minutes, Oprah Winfrey, PBS, CNN, The Today Show, Dateline, Good Morning America, The New York Times, USA Today and Newsweek among many others.

He is the founder of Hallowell Centers, a network of centers dedicated to helping those with ADHD live more fulfilling lives. With his effective treatment methods, he has positively impacted over 26,000 lives.

He is also the grandfather to three children and founder of Make a Wish foundation that grants one trip annually in perpetuity to children suffering from life-threatening illnesses.

Net Worth

David Hallowell boasts a net worth of $400 million. He’s an acclaimed entrepreneur with an illustrious career in the airline industry.

He founded Morris Air in 1993 and it quickly became a huge success, boasting more than 200,000 passengers and an annual revenue of $20 million. Unfortunately, when Hawaiian Express went out of business in 2001, Morris Air found itself cash-strapped and ultimately had no choice but to file for bankruptcy protection.

At 33 years old, Southwest Airlines purchased Morris Air for $130 million and David earned $25 million in stock as well as a position with Herb Kelleher, the founder of Southwest. Instead of retiring, David founded Open Skies and co-founded WestJet – a low-fare airline that replicated his ticketless reservation system which had been created at Morris Air.

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