David Hammell

David Hammell

David Hammell, a retired carpenter and inventor, claimed that he had been in contact with extraterrestrials for years. He believed they taught him principles of free energy, antigravity, alternate realities and the truth about the Bible.

He reported that the aliens had taught him how to construct a flying saucer and informed him they would return on December 21, 2012. They also promised us the removal of fossil fuels from our lives.

Early Life and Education

David Hammell was born in Crossville, Illinois and raised in White County. After attending the University of Kentucky for his PhD Degree in swine nutrition, he returned home as a farmer, husband, father and avid outdoorsman.

He was an active member of his community, serving on multiple boards and volunteering as emergency manager. Survived by his wife Jane (Hammell); daughters Kevin and Brent; granddaughters Tassy Martin and Carrie Hammell; mother Mary Hammell; brother James F. Armstrong and sister Mary Jean Ellis; plus numerous cousins, nieces, and nephews, he will be missed by many.

David was a leader in his community, an accomplished doctor, and loving husband. He will be missed for his kindness and positive outlook. David was predeceased by his parents Francis and Barbara.

Professional Career

Director of the Platform Group for application and protocol development, he leads teams in Utah and Bangalore, India that create software applications and protocols to enable customers to configure and control HARMAN products. Notably, he was also the lead engineer behind HiQnet London Architect – an impressive piece of software which integrates top-notch BSS Soundweb digital signal processing (DSP) hardware into one integrated package.

In his free moments, he loves playing with his dog, watching movies and listening to music on a high-quality stereo system. A proud dad of three, he’s an enthusiastic sports fan with his favorite team being the Philadelphia Eagles.

He was born and raised in Cherry Hill, NJ and graduated from Haddonfield Memorial High School. Immediately after graduation, he began his career at BRS as an intern and never looked back. Most importantly, he made lifelong friends while working his way up the ranks – which made it all even more enjoyable for him!

Achievement and Honors

David Hammell has earned an array of awards and recognition throughout his life. From the ACLU John Hammell Award to Founders Day Convocation awards for Diversity to the CC Distinguished Alumni award, he has been recognized as one of CWRU’s most valuable employees.

He has made significant contributions to the CWRU community through his volunteer work. Currently a member of the University’s Board of Trustees, he has held several leadership roles including president of its Faculty Senate. An outspoken advocate for both his university and students alike, his passion has been well known over time.

Personal Life

David Hammell was a renowned Canadian lawyer, born in 1928 and passing away in 1997 in Ontario, Canada.

He married Elva Jean Dolan around 1950 in Ontario.

They had one daughter: Gertrude Hammell.

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David Hammell was the son of Joseph R. Hamel and Mary L. HAMMELL (born LOCK). He had 10 siblings: Richard Ellis HAMMELL, Joseph Richardson HAMMELL and 8 other children.

Net Worth

David Hammell is a professional baseball player with an estimated net worth of $5 million. He currently plays for the Philadelphia Phillies of Major League Baseball and is married to Heidi Strobel; they have two children named Caleb and Braxton. Selected in the MLB Draft in 2004, Hammell has won three World Series titles with them as well as earning five All-Star Game selections totalling $20,000. In 2007, Hammell was elected to the National League All-Star Team while winning the 2006 American League Most Valuable Player award as well. His net worth has increased substantially since signing a six year extension with the Philadelphia Phillies in 2012. Additionally, he remains active within MLB Players Association.

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