David Helton

David Helton Breaks Into Radio

Breaking into radio can be a challenge, but David Helton managed to do just that at WMMS-FM in Cleveland. With his iconic WMMS Buzzard illustration, which became one of Northeast Ohio’s most recognizable trademarks, Helton established himself as an innovator within the industry.

David Helton is currently employed as EASE Logistics’ Director of Government Operations. A United States Air Force veteran, he holds degrees in business administration and organizational leadership.

Early Life and Education

Radio can be a tough industry to break into. Competition is fierce and ratings can be distorted by some unsavory characters. That’s why it was such an incredible accomplishment when American Greetings’ young artist received her first radio assignment with WMMS-FM.

Helton was given the task of creating a logo for the station that could represent its brand and serve as an effective promotional tool. By using a buzzard as his mascot, Helton created something special and memorable both for Cleveland and its people.

His design ultimately won the prize for most-used logo in station history and remains an iconic part of WMMS’ archives to this day. What made this logo design even more remarkable was Helton’s creative approach – it read like “go wacky!”

Professional Career

David Helton had a storied professional baseball career. He mostly spent time with the Colorado Rockies and Pittsburgh Pirates, but also played for Cincinnati Reds and Houston Astros.

Helton led the National League in hitting and batting average during his time with the Rockies, ranking among its top hitters for home runs, walks and on-base percentage.

Helton earned two-time All-Star honors and won the Rookie of the Year Award during his rookie season. Over 7,962 at-bats throughout his career, Helton posted a.316 batting average with 2,519 base hits.

Helton’s academic record is equally impressive, earning four ACC All-Academic Football Team honors and three All-ACC Academic accolades during his time at Duke. However, Helton’s most prestigious academic accolade came in 2014 when he earned the National Football Foundation’s William V. Campbell Trophy – commonly referred to as “Academic Heisman”.

Achievements and Honors

David Helton is an esteemed scholar-athlete who holds multiple ACC awards, including the 2014 Jim Tatum Award as the top senior football student-athlete. Additionally, he was a semifinalist for the Campbell Trophy.

Helton earned two First Team All-ACC selections and led Duke in tackles as a junior and senior. Ultimately, his career ended with 338 tackles including four sacks and 14 tackles for loss.

Helton has demonstrated his compassion throughout his career, whether it’s by mentoring younger players at a youth camp or helping former roommate Blair Holliday who suffered brain injuries in a jet skiing accident. Furthermore, Helton serves as an inspirational role model to his teammates by always striving for excellence both personally and professionally.

Personal Life

David Helton has been an outstanding asset to his field and is passionate about what he does. Additionally, his expertise and experience in this area are unsurpassed.

He is a 6-foot, 225-pound Inside Linebacker from Chattanooga, TN and has earned himself the designation as a 2-star prospect. He has committed to play for Duke University’s Blue Devils.

Helton was an impressive athlete in high school, excelling on both sides of the ball. He earned two-time All-American status and was a finalist for the Lott IMPACT Trophy.

Helton was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and passionate about serving others. He loved his family dearly and always made sure they knew how much he cared about them. Survived by his wife, he will be greatly missed.

Net Worth

David Helton has amassed a net worth of $72 million as a major-league baseball player, mostly through his salary.

Helton had an outstanding season in 2000, leading the National League in every slash line category with a career high batting average of.372 (balance-bearing average/obbation percentage/slugging percentage) and hitting 42 home runs.

Helton was an outstanding first base defender, earning three Gold Gloves in 2001, 2002 and 2004. In addition to his stellar hitting prowess, Helton turned in the most double plays of any player in the National League (N.L.) and led the league with his fielding percentage six times – all remarkable statistics that made him stand out among teammates and opponents alike.

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