David Henning

David Henning

David Henning is an accountant specializing in small business, tax, and personal financial planning. His goal is to offer tailored strategies for businesses and their owners that will increase their profitability, growth prospects, and long-term stability.

Henning is a founding member of Big Wreck, formed in 1994 while attending Berklee College of Music in Boston. After moving to Los Angeles, Henning continues his work as both a session musician and touring bassist.

Early Life and Education

Early years are critical periods for development. They lay the groundwork for educational success, economic productivity, responsible citizenship, lifelong health and strong communities.

The field of Early Childhood Education (ECE) encompasses a variety of activities designed to foster children’s cognitive and social development before they enter kindergarten. These programs may consist of both informal and formal instruction.

National University’s Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education program not only emphasizes academic content, but it also covers a range of other essential aspects of teaching young children. One case study highlighted the value of play as an instructional modality for these youngsters.

Many great minds have contributed to our educational system, and it can be beneficial to take a closer look at their work in order to inform your own teaching style.

Professional Career

David Henning is an esteemed tax, accounting and financial services practitioner. A CPA with a renowned firm as well as an entrepreneur by profession, his list of satisfied clients spans across many disciplines and professions.

The best part is that he invests a great deal of time getting to know each client and building personal connections. This enables him to offer an outstanding service by applying various business and tax solutions efficiently and effectively. As a trained mentor and coach for small business owners and managers, his knowledge on financial aspects of running a small business allows him to help maximize earnings while minimizing expenses.

Personal Life

Henning was a Canadian magician, illusionist and escape artist renowned for his successful career. As an innovator of stage magic, Henning’s signature look included bright costumes and garments as well as his upbeat new-age aesthetic.

He was one of the first performers to incorporate elaborate sets into his performances, adding an extra layer of drama and excitement. Additionally, he performed many remarkable illusions such as walking through a brick wall and making an elephant disappear.

Henning performed live on television and is credited with reigniting public interest in magic after a long slump. He achieved success by combining magic with dance, rock music and stage shows such as Spellbound that became box office hits. Additionally, he produced the TV special World of Magic for NBC that aired live without commercial breaks.

Net Worth

Henning is a successful comedian with an estimated net worth of $77 Million. He’s best known for his appearances on the comedy television show The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.

After his success on Broadway, Houdini approached NBC with the idea of producing a television special. At first they declined his idea; however, after suggesting that he recreate Harry Houdini’s iconic water torture escape for the first time since the master magician himself did it, they agreed.

Henning spent the following eight months refining his stage act for television and perfecting his escape act. The broadcast was a hit; more than 50 million people watched it.

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