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David Holmes Net Worth

David Holmes was raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland and became familiar with a variety of musical genres as a child. At 15 years old he started DJing and later went on to pursue recording engineering.

As a disc jockey, Holmes mixed an eclectic repertoire of genres such as Motown R&B, Latin jazz, film scores and disco music. He gained notoriety for his “techno” mixes that he adopted during the late 1990s.

Early Life and Education

David Holmes was born on March 10, 1769 in York County, Pennsylvania and eventually relocated to Virginia where he practiced law.

He was a graduate of Winchester Academy and was admitted to the bar in 1792, beginning his legal career in Harrisonburg. Elected governor of Mississippi Territory in 1809, he served until 1817.

David Holmes was always interested in the history of his family. His ancestors had settled in Monkton and Charlotte during the early 1700s.

However, when the farm failed in 1923, he pondered if that meant his future would be different. In On Becoming a Vermonter and the Rise and Fall of the Holmes Farm 1822-1923, he explores this topic further.

Professional Career

David Holmes has extensive expertise in auditing, accounting and tax services for both for-profit and not-for-profit entities. He has provided assurance, tax and attestation services to numerous industries such as manufacturing, construction, service and healthcare.

His expertise is founded in his KPMG-certified Chartered Accountancy credentials. Holme works with clients across a range of industries to provide timely assurance and tax services that deliver real commercial value.

David is an experienced litigator in the fields of insurance coverage and product liability, representing manufacturers in the United States, Japan, South Korea and Germany. His cases range from industrial products such as printing presses, milling machines, lathes and injection mold machines to consumer items like televisions, small appliances and furnaces.

Achievements and Honors

David Holmes is a renowned author and professor who has earned many honors throughout his life. These include back-to-back Florida Book Awards, the Pushcart Prize, and a National Book Award.

He has spent countless hours volunteering his services to community organizations throughout his life, serving on the Cedar Hill Chamber Board, Economic Development Corporation and Educational Foundation as well as being a mentor to many young people in the city.

David Seafood Grill, David’s restaurant in Cedar Hill, has become a success and serves up an inviting atmosphere filled with friendliness, neighborly service and family-oriented hospitality. As an ambassador for Cedar Hill’s small town character, he strives to preserve its small town atmosphere at his establishment.

Personal Life

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, David Holmes made a name for himself as an accomplished DJ and record mixer when he was 15 years old. At these early stages in his career, he would spin platters at local venues around Belfast before eventually moving to Dublin to pursue further opportunities in music production.

He began as a disc jockey, mixing musical genres from 1950s funk to 1970s disco. Later in life, he pursued musical composition and performance.

In 2000, he released his third studio album Bow Down to the Exit Sign, which fused psych-rock and trip-hop. Soon after, Steven Soderbergh asked him to produce Ocean’s Eleven’s soundtrack.

In 2009, Holmes suffered serious injuries while shooting the final Harry Potter movie as his stunt double for Daniel Radcliffe.

Net Worth

Composer, DJ and musician David Holmes has an estimated net worth of $7 million. His primary source of income comes from his music career.

Northern Ireland-bred DJ, Johnny Greenwood, has released 13 albums and over 23 singles with influences ranging from trip hop to big beat, electronica to rock.

He has composed scores for films and TV series alike, earning him recognition from both critics and audiences alike.

In 2002, he married Lisa and became proud parents of their daughter Nina Holmes. Their bond has served as an enormous inspiration to him in creating his music.

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