David Kopecky

David Kopecky

David Kopecky is a chemist who contributes to our life sciences patent prosecution and litigation practices. His research interests center around KRAS G12C inhibitors used to treat cancer and other diseases.

This collection comprises correspondence, manuscripts and other materials related to Kopecky’s career as well as articles and books written by him.

Early Life and Education

David Kopecky was born on February 25th 1945 to three parents in Shakopee and graduated from Chaska High School and Mankato State University with his Bachelor’s degree. Afterwards he worked as both a teacher in Minneapolis as well as social worker; known for his helpful and kind nature he enjoyed interacting with people and helping out wherever needed. On November 16th 2022 at 77 he passed away; leaving behind twin brother Dennis, sister-in-law Carol as well as nieces, nephews as well as many relatives and friends to mourn his departure.

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Professional Career

David Kopecky has experienced both success and tragedy throughout his professional career. A training ride crash left him with multiple broken bones last year, forcing him out of cycling competitions and leaving him searching for employment since.

Kopecky writes about politics and environmental issues for Hakai Magazine, where his coverage included an engaging feature on a standoff at Fairy Creek earlier this summer – work which earned him this year’s Dave Greber freelance writing award, honoring freelancers covering social justice topics. Alongside Hakai and Tyee writing assignments, he has served as faculty in California State University Fullerton (CSUF) College of Health and Human Development for over 20 years – writing features, teaching courses and providing consultation.

Achievement and Honors

Kopecky was an acclaimed journalist renowned for publishing numerous articles and books that received widespread acclaim among readers worldwide.

He wrote extensively on Czechoslovakia’s foreign policy, the Munich treaty, President Benes and Osusky, among other subjects. Additionally, he addressed how Jews participated in World War II resistance movements.

He received numerous honors, such as receiving the Prague Prize for journalism and being honored as Czechoslovak journalist of the year, as well as receiving the Czechoslovak Order of Friendship.

Personal Life

David Kopecky was born in Shakopee, Minnesota on February 25th 1945 to Arthur and Eleanor (Heitkamp) Kopecky and attended Chaska High School before earning a bachelor’s degree from Mankato State University (Mankato) a few years later.

He was an active member of the American Chemical Society, as well as being well-versed in organic chemistry. Specifically, he conducted formal total synthesis on Leucascandrolide A – a marine macrolide with anticancer and antifungal properties – invented the Mukaiyama Aldol-Prins cyclization cascade reaction and studied pseudoephedrine amide alkylation reactions – all for which he received patents. Additionally to these impressive accomplishments he will be missed by many friends and companions alike.

Net Worth

David Kopecky currently boasts a net worth of $4 Million. A veteran NHL winger with 13+ seasons under his belt, Kopecky currently plays with Florida Panthers but was part of both Detroit Red Wings Stanley Cup winning teams (2008 and 2010), and Chicago winning its own Cup (in 2010). Florida signed him to a 12-million yearly contract as their second line winger – though in years prior he hadn’t been very productive; last season was an exception when he produced 15 goals and 27 assists; marking his first time ever breaking 40 points!

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