David Koshers

David Koshers

David Koshers is a Partner at Mavrides, Moyal, Packman & Sadkin LLP and specializes in real estate law.

He represents a variety of domestic and foreign financial institutions, private equity firms, hedge funds, debt funds, hard money financiers, family offices, mortgage servicers, insurance companies and sponsors in commercial real estate financings, acquisitions, dispositions and ground/space leasing transactions. Furthermore, his expertise extends to loan workouts/restructurings; creditors’ rights; bankruptcy proceedings; as well as insolvency-related issues.

Early Life and Education

David Koshers was raised in Texas as part of the Branch Davidians, who broke away from their original religion to form their own sect. This new sect formed in 1955 with distinct teachings and beliefs that differed from those held by the original Davidians.

King David Primary School in Birmingham, England is an unusual Jewish school that blends Orthodox values with a variety of other faiths. It features a fully kosher kitchen and requires female pupils to wear skirts; furthermore, the director of religious education serves as chief minister of one of Birmingham’s Orthodox synagogues.

The school’s diverse culture also draws Muslim families, who want their children to learn about both Judaism and Islam. Some even describe it as a model for tolerance.

Professional Career

David Koshers has been practicing law for most of his adult life. His expertise lies in complex commercial real estate transactions and other related legal matters. He represents major banks, private equity firms, hedge funds, debt funds, hard money lenders and insurance companies in a variety of complex commercial real estate financings, acquisitions and dispositions. His clients include many major high net worth individuals with diverse real estate interests. He is an active participant in the real estate and construction industries, including membership on the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) and New York City Real Estate & Construction Lawyers Committee.

Personal Life

David Koshers is an American television personality best known for his cooking show ‘In the Kitchen with David’ on QVC. A culinary expert and author of multiple cookbooks that have sold over half a million copies, David has guest starred on multiple other shows as well. Married to Brenda Frank for over two decades, David and Brenda have five children together.

David Koshers has a passion for photography in addition to his professional endeavors. He has an eye for fashion and advertising, having worked as an assistant to several renowned international photographers. His unique aesthetic incorporates retro elements with modern techniques to produce striking imagery – which he’s showcased through clients such as U2, Vampire Weekend, REM, Lenny Kravitz and The Flaming Lips.

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