David Kotter

David Kotter – The New Executive Director of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

David Kotter has served as CEO/President of Integrity Capital LLC since 2003, where his focus is providing proactive commercial mortgage services across the United States.

Professionally, he worked at Ford Motor Company as the Finance Director of a European manufacturing plant and as an analyst. Additionally, he served as minority supply base advocate. Later, after attending seminary he was invited to join CrossWay Community Church church-planting team where he served as Pastor of Discipleship for seven years.

Early Life and Education

David Kotter is an assistant professor of graduate economics and finance at Colorado Christian University, serving also as visiting scholar and senior research fellow with the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics. Earlier in his career he held positions at Ford Motor Company as a financial analyst as well as plant controller in Spain before eventually being invited to be one of CrossWay Community Church’s founding pastors and helping it expand from a single congregation into an eight hundred member church.

He is the author of two books, The Big Book of Small Business Tactics and Leading Change, as well as co-founder of Faith and Work Project which trains future pastors on economics and finance principles.

Professional Career

Kotter was renowned for his stand-up comedy and was in several movies. He made his big screen debut with Fast Break as Groucho Marx before co-creating Welcome Back Kotter for television.

He then attended Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and worked as pastor of discipleship for seven years at CrossWay Community Church. His main area of research focuses on both theology and economics; on which topics he has lectured across the world.

He has published five books and numerous journal articles, and serves as both a Visiting Scholar and Senior Research Fellow of the Institute for Faith, Work and Economics. Additionally, he co-founded the Faith and Work Project that trains future pastors in economics and finance principles; additionally he organized three summer expeditions for Colorado Christian University students to dig at Tel es-Safi (Gath) in southwestern Israel.

Achievement and Honors

David Kotter serves as both a visiting scholar and senior research fellow for the Institute for Faith, Work and Economics. Additionally, he teaches graduate economics, finance and global business at Colorado Christian University. Prior to attending seminary he worked at Ford Motor Company’s world headquarters as both financial analyst and plant controller before transitioning into academia.

David Kotter is an outspoken advocate of bicycle safety for children, providing thousands of free helmets across central and southern Indiana. Additionally, he uses demonstrations and state-of-the-art simulation machines to show students and others about the perils associated with texting while driving, drinking while driving and other forms of distractions such as social media use while driving. Despite his busy schedule, David finds time to be active within his community through making donations to local nonprofit organizations in need.

Personal Life

The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood recently appointed David Kotter as its new Executive Director. With his diverse life experience, gifts, and skillset, his qualifications make him well suited for this position.

Former businessman, Kotter held financial analyst and plant controller positions at Ford Motor Company’s worldwide headquarters in Detroit as well as Cadiz manufacturing plant in Spain. Later he served as pastor of discipleship ministries at CrossWay Community Church in Wisconsin where he oversees both men and women ministries.

He has published numerous articles on economics and finance throughout his career. Additionally, he co-founded the Faith and Work Project to train future pastors on these subjects. Furthermore, he lectured extensively both domestically and abroad on these matters before serving as senior research fellow for the Institute for Faith Work and Economics.

Net Worth

David Kotter is an American business professor. Known as an expert in leadership development and Harvard Business School faculty member, Kotter has written several bestselling books on change management and corporate culture.

He became best-known through his role as Gabe Kotter on Welcome Back, Kotter, which ran from 1975-1979. Gabe’s role saw him returning after time away teaching elsewhere to an increasingly dysfunctional classroom environment he once knew as head teacher Gabe.

He has written and co-written various television shows, such as the comedy series High Stakes Poker. Furthermore, he has won thousands of dollars through poker tournaments while appearing as a commentator on numerous shows about poker-related content.

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