David Mazouz Net Worth

David Mazouz is an American actor best known for his portrayal of Bruce Wayne’s young self in Gotham on television. Additionally, he has made appearances in movies like Amish Grace, Sanitarium and The Birthday Cake.

He began acting at an early age, appearing in commercials and TV shows.

Early Life and Education

David Mazouz was born in Los Angeles to Rachel, a psychotherapist, and Michel, a physician from Tunisia. He has an older sister named Rebecca. David attended Shalhevet High School – a Modern Orthodox Jewish school – where he appeared in a music video to promote it.

He has made appearances on several popular television series such as Mike and Molly, Private Practice, Criminal Minds and Drop Dead Diva as a guest star. Additionally he acted in several movies such as Dear Dumb Diary, The Games Maker and Incarnate.

He is best-known for his role as Bruce Wayne on Fox series ‘Gotham’ and has won various awards for it. Additionally, he has performed in plays and musicals. Furthermore, he enjoys playing guitar and writing song lyrics – among his many passions.

Professional Career

David Mazouz began his acting career by appearing in a commercial at age 8 before appearing in various TV shows and movies. He has one younger sister named Rebecca. David attended Shalhevet High School before enrolling at Stanford University.

His mother Rachel is a psychotherapist while his father Michael is a physician. Additionally, he is also an American actor known for having participated in multiple roles and winning multiple awards.

He has worked in movies such as Sanitarium, The Games Maker and The Darkness and television series such as Touch and Gotham. Furthermore, his philanthropy work is outstanding and has resulted in various talent awards at an early age.

Achievement and Honors

David Mazouz has established himself in the entertainment industry through his outstanding talent and captivating performances, not to mention his dedication towards charitable activities.

Start Your Acting Career Here… Beginning his acting career by appearing in television shows such as Mike & Molly, Amish Grace and Criminal Minds as a bit player; later he ventured out into film roles like ‘Coming and Going’ as well as TV series Touch in 2013 (in both roles he made appearances as small roles).

He played Jacob Bohm on the series, showing his extraordinary talent for conveying emotions and depth at such a young age. This role earned him worldwide attention and thrust him into the limelight; it even earned him several awards and nominations including both Saturn Awards and Teen Choice Awards!

Personal Life

David Mazouz is a young and promising American actor. As well as acting, he’s an accomplished musician; playing guitar and penning song lyrics; taking acting lessons; as well as attending Stanford University where he studies.

Mazouz started his acting career as a child actor in 2010 with Amish Grace on television, eventually going on to appear in other series such as Mike & Molly and Gotham as well as movies such as Coming and Going, Private Practice and Criminal Minds.

He was raised in a Sephardic Jewish family and has one sister, Rebecca. From 2015-2019 he attended Shalhevet High School as part of his Orthodox Jewish studies, participating in Bar Mitzvah services as an active member and becoming part of Young Israel youth group.

Net Worth

David Mazouz began acting at an early age, appearing in skin care product commercials at only 8 years old. Later he appeared in small roles on TV series like Amish Grace, Mike & Molly and Criminal Minds.

Timmy was also featured in the movie Coming and Going before being cast as Jacob Bohm in Touch TV series. Subsequently, he joined Gotham series.

Not content to just work in film, he is also actively engaged in various philanthropic initiatives. Since 2015, he has supported Starlight Children’s Foundation while simultaneously working on an independent film project. With regards to his personal life, however, this talented actor has kept many details private regarding any potential relationships or their statuses.

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