David McNeel

David McNeel

David McNeel was an immensely proud Texan. He was kind, friendly and had an infectious smile – all qualities which his children found immensely endearing. Additionally, he was an avid supporter of Texas Tech!

Sergeant McNeel made the ultimate sacrifice while leading an assault platoon against a strong Japanese pillbox, giving his life for his country and being posthumously awarded with the Silver Star medal for valor.

Early Life and Education

Early years are crucial in the life of any child’s development and growth. Their brains develop at an incredible rate during this period and they gain key skills that will influence them throughout their lives.

Children during this stage gain essential emotional skills such as self-confidence and positive self-image, as well as learning to identify their feelings and express them appropriately.

These skills are crucial to children’s social-emotional development and future academic success, according to both OECD and UNESCO. High-quality early childhood education has been identified by both organizations as an indicator of national health and development.

Professional Career

As director of CITE – an ATE Regional Center of Excellence in Nashville – McNeel led efforts to bring the best practices of ATE into schools throughout Nashville. Additionally, he provided consultation services for Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools’ High School Redesign initiative.

His expertise includes co-principal investigation and consultation on Advanced Teaching Experience projects at Bellevue Community College and University of Massachusetts Boston. Now, he serves as Chief Revenue Officer of Envoy, an office platform that makes hybrid work simpler.

He was an enthusiastic Texas Tech Red Raider fan who enjoyed eating Tex-Mex and spending time with his son Hunter and daughter Kennedy. Additionally, he found great satisfaction working in medicine – an industry which had flourished dramatically over the last decade and which gave him great pride of ownership.

Achievement and Honors

David McNeel is a highly respected professional with extensive leadership experience in Academic Technology Education (ATE). In addition to serving as co-principal investigator on several ATE projects at Bellevue Community College and consulting to Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools’ High School Redesign initiative as well as serving as the director of CITE (a regional center of excellence for ATE), he holds a Master’s in Applied Mathematics from University of Massachusetts Boston.

McNeel has earned numerous accomplishments and honors throughout his tenure, most recently being bestowed the F.L. Dupree Outstanding Superintendent Award by the Kentucky School Boards Association. As one of many firsts, McNeel has led efforts in Southeastern Kentucky regarding student safety, alternative schools, early childhood centers, homework hotlines, etc.

Personal Life

Sergeant McNeel earned the Silver Star (Posthumously) for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity during operations against Japanese forces on Peleliu, Palau Islands on September 16, 1944 as Sergeant Guide of an Assault Platoon with Third Battalion of First Marine Division. Although both his platoon leader and platoon sergeant had been severely wounded by enemy fire, Sergeant McNeel unhesitatingly assumed command of his unit and led an assault against hostile pillboxes that protected the beachfront.

David was an incredible father, husband, and friend who was fiercely protective of his family and had an infectious smile. A proud Texan himself, David enjoyed watching sports (particularly Red Raiders games), eating TexMex almost daily of the year, spending time with family and friends and always making time for those in his life who mattered most – not forgetting generous gifts he shared generously along the way. He will truly be missed.

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