David Napp

David Napp

David Napp is an award-winning pastel artist known for his whimsical renditions of French countryside life and village living. His paintings can be found in private collections around the globe.

His paintings feature grids of pastel sketches with vibrant underlayers of vibrant pastels that provide a vibrant base, often including strong underlayers of sometimes off-color pastels for added vibrancy and depth of color. The results radiate with brilliant hues capturing the richness of Provencale light.

Early Life and Education

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Children learn through play and activities for the first eight years of life, making this period essential in their development as they gain an awareness of themselves and develop relationships with others.

An effective school-family partnership is key for successful early education outcomes, providing children with consistent, responsive caregiving relationships as well as safe environments that support child development.

Professional Career

Dave is an accomplished commercial real estate attorney with expertise in finding opportunities in niche markets. His practice encompasses affordable housing development as well as commercial and residential development including public-private partnerships.

He also handles commercial and residential property acquisitions, dispositions, leases and sales as well as handling real estate disputes and litigation matters effectively.

David’s recent involvement in the RV park and manufactured housing industry shows his dedication to superior customer service. Now working with Centerbridge Capital Partners LP on developing an exclusive portfolio of RV parks and manufactured housing communities. With his wide-ranging business experience and entrepreneurial flair, we look forward to having him join our team for years to come! We hope we see him soon!

Achievement and Honors

David Napp has achieved many great things. Not only is he an accomplished painter and passionate collector of automobiles, he was the brains behind Cove Communities – one of the premier multi-generational residential communities. Under his direction, over 30 award winning properties were constructed during this time – some being amongst some of the most beautiful homes anywhere.

Dave Napp is one of the most talented individuals ever to grace business, boasting a 30-year career spanning various endeavors. Outside work he considers himself to be a music fanatic and family man; though not household name within business circles he has amassed many friends and admirers over time.

Personal Life

David Napp was a passionate family man, an attentive husband, father and grandfather who will be sorely missed by many.

Neil Henderson, another classmate from Des Moines Roosevelt High School, remembers Knapp as being “ornery, yet friendly.” As sixth-graders they would throw eggs at passing cars until one would slow down enough for them to chase each other around and throw more.

Knapp’s grief over Brian’s leukemia death left an insurmountable gap in his life that never quite filled itself up again, yet he found solace through work and faith – being an active community builder, serving on several boards, including St Jude’s Episcopal Church in Cupertino California as trustee and board member, where he found great peace.

Net Worth

Dave Napp is an eminent businessman with an estimated net worth of over $1 billion. He co-founded and is CEO of two Manufactured Home Community/RV Resort companies: Carefree Communities and Encore Communities.

He is well known as an active philanthropist who has been heavily engaged with community development over two decades. Specifically, he is recognized for introducing institutional equity capital into the industry.

Napp has amassed his net worth through both his professional career and investments made in real estate. He owns numerous properties – one being worth multiple millions in New Jersey alone.

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